Wang Meng smiled slightly, “Sect Master, the Soul Controlling Association is just a certification organization for spirit control masters. You can advance or retreat. Chuxue has already joined the Holy Church and is a disciple of the Holy Church. How can we allow other people to take them away just as they say? There is no such thing in the world. .”
“Wang Meng, no one recognizes your temple. Since you are right, I will tell you the truth. On the mainland, any sect or family that wants to be recognized must have at least two masters of the God Transformation Realm. Do you have one? ”
/Feng Duo said coldly, he didn’t believe it, and now there are still people who dare to stand up.
In fact, Zhenren Wang himself is still a fool. Although he is not in the realm, his strength is not comparable to that of the God Transformation realm.
This Feng Duo is not a fool, I am afraid that he is deliberately tempting him to follow the rules. Then use the rules to pressure him.
In fact, there is another way at this time. As long as Wang Meng is willing to bow his head and ask the Wang family for help, the matter will be settled.
But Wang Meng didn’t seem to have any intention of asking Wang Zongzheng for help.
At this moment, another group of people arrived, headed by Ji Shuangtian, followed by the Ji family’s royal monks.
“Everyone, Your Majesty has an order. During the period of the No. 1 Dojo in the World, peace is the most important thing. Any disputes that cannot be resolved in Haojing will be arbitrated by the Holy Spirit. Today, on behalf of my father, I will resolve the disputes between you!”
At this time, Ji Shuangtian did have the majesty of a prince, but in fact he was the crown prince, and he was justified in both emotion and reason.
The same is true for the rules of the No. 1 Dojo in the World. No matter what disputes there are, they must be put aside.
Feng Duo can not give Wang Zong face, but he cannot truly ignore the royal power. The hegemony and imperial power of the three conferences are maintained in a balance. Whoever breaks it first will cause the other party to rebound.
As soon as he finished speaking, there was applause, “His Royal Highness Ji said it well, this is Haojing, all the rules are based on the general order of Haojing, when did the Yulinghui become a sect, and forcefully recruit people into the group. ”
The one who spoke was Yuan Juhuo.
Yuan Juhuo had no good impression of Wang Meng, let alone friendship with the Wang family. When he came out at this time, he undoubtedly represented the Fire Emperor.
“Indeed, when did the Soul Control Club become so domineering?” Meng Guangru of the Meng family arrived, and the crowd became noisy.
Everyone from the three major families was here, especially the head of the Meng family, who came to help. It was so surprising.
Meng Guangru came to exchange favors for Thunder God Suoming, not to help the Wang family, not to mention that Wang Meng and the Wang family were obviously on different sides.
No one expected that the actions of the Three Con