lly, Golden Wolf also became famous in one battle and jumped into the ranks of the top masters in the mainland. Moreover, he is still so mysterious that almost the entire continent is now looking for this master.

Wang Ang and Wang Hanyao also regretted not being able to witness this battle, mainly because they felt that Golden Wolf was definitely no match for Samsara Immortal Lord, and it was a battle without any suspense. “Ning Zi, I heard that you had contact with this person?” Meng Guangru suddenly remembered this incident.
Meng Ningzi felt an inexplicable sense of fulfillment when she mentioned the golden wolf. She nodded when she heard this, “The first time I came into contact with him was because of the tenth princess. At that time, the princess thought this person was very interesting and invited him to join the team and participate in the game.” In the princess’s tower battle, this person showed great strength at that time, but I really didn’t expect him to be so powerful. After that, Zhang Yang had a fight with him.”
“Oh, Zhang Yang is still the same as before. I’m so lucky to be alive.” Everyone laughed. Obviously, they knew the result without guessing. A person who can defeat the Samsara Immortal Lord has already reached the pinnacle of this world. In fact, Zhang Yang can Challenging.
“This person is very friendly to us. If it hadn’t been for him last time, we might have been trapped in Tower 28. Zhang Yang fought, but in fact he didn’t give him a chance to take action. He suppressed it directly. I was lucky when I was in the Danxian League. He came to help.” Meng Ningzi said, trying to keep herself calm, but she did not mention the battle with the White Bone Cult with the Golden Wolf. Faintly, she felt that this was her own secret and did not want to share it with others. .
/“Haha, it seems that this person is a scholar of the Great Zhou Dynasty. He should know that Ning Zi is publicizing their identity, but it is better to keep a distance. This person will never offend the Samsara Immortal Lord because of you. I’m afraid. I have long wanted to cause trouble for Qi Jue, and I dare to say that Samsara Immortal Lord is the first, but he is definitely not the last.”
Mo Zixiu said that everyone in the Mo family seemed to like to attack the mind, but they were at least half right.
Meng Ningzi disagrees with this view, but the other three family heads agree with it. In their opinion, at this level, they will never be impulsive, let alone start a , judging from the result, Golden Wolf undoubtedly won a great victory, and at the same time he also obtained the fate of the Samsara Immortal Lord. One can imagine how jealous this was.
In response to this, Meng Ningzi instinctively wanted to defend Jin Lang, which was unfair to Jin Lang. “He shouldn’t be like this. I feel that he is very casual when I meet him, because Ni Yong said that he should be about the same age as us.”
Suddenly the whole place fell silent.
Wang Ang opened his mouth, “This is impossible, even if you start practicing from the mother’s wo