t, the Purple Jade Taoist Master, Zhang Jian immediately stopped hiding his methods and glanced across this majestic divine city that spanned 100,000 kilometers. He formed a seal in his hand and a strong green lotus divine light bloomed from his body. He came out and attacked the Fire Spirit City in all directions with him as the center.

It’s like the infinite time and space is filled with a layer of infinite blue divine light, and there seems to be a magnificent pure land world descending in the blue divine light.
In the shadow of the Pure Land world, there are countless living beings, loudly and silently reciting the Ten Directions Green Lotus to Save Suffering.
The majestic purifying sound shakes the boundless void.
That is the fifth level eternal Taoist Qinglian soul purifying spell.
/This fifth-level eternal immortal method has extremely powerful suppression, purification, and transformation capabilities. Zhang Jian naturally does not want to transform the mortals in the city, or immortals, but only suppresses and purifies the earth fire contaminated in their bodies. Evil spirit, lest they be burnt by the earthly fire and become ashes.
I saw that where the green divine light passed, countless creatures, and even the faces of immortals and gods gradually became peaceful. Even those immortals and gods who were invisiblely infected by the evil energy of earth fire in the Fire Spirit City, polluting their Taoist hearts and mana, this It was always dyed with a layer of cyan divine light, but it felt refreshing, like a Taoist heart, and the divine power and mana in the body had been purified.
The sickness and hidden wounds in his body were completely healed at this moment.
From the depths of the void, endless auspicious clouds and auspicious energy emerged.
With the Fire Spirit City as the center, the blue divine light is still moving towards the Purple Jade State, and even the several divine states surrounding the Purple Jade State, covering countless living beings billions of kilometers away, and even billions of immortal gods.
The magnificent and vast blue divine light also caused the expressions of the Purple Jade Taoist Master and Chongyu Taoist Master in front of him to change color.
When the two Taoist masters felt the terrifying blue divine light that could almost purify the world, they couldn’t help but be moved, and their Taoist hearts were shocked.
This is the divine power of the third-turn great magical power.
It was truly earth-shattering.
/Even deep in their hearts, they felt a sense of conversion and transformation.
This feeling even gave the two Taoist masters a hint of fear.
Taoist Qinglian, who looked like a good old man with a smile in front of him, was really formidable.
Zhang Jian closed his eyes and felt the earthly fire evil energy contaminated in the bodies of several states’ creatures. The remnants of shattered will were purified by him, and a slight smile appeared in his eyes.
This is because he deliberately controlled his own divine power. With his divine power at this time,