. Zhan Yingluo must have prepared a good show. How can we miss it? Maybe some people will go too, and it will be a good one.”

Wu Yuan said, Wang Meng, a bastard, dared to directly hurt people from the Alchemy Alliance. He was really ignorant. The matter had already been reported to the police. Of course, it would be necessary to add more details. Another person might have to investigate, but Wang Meng’s rich experience in the past, Others will only find it more complicated.
“Brother Wu, don’t worry. After defeating the Jiang family, Jiang Biyao will be your slave girl. You can do whatever you want with her.”
Kun Yaoyang said, playing with the woman next to him, and he was a little hit. The plump woman was in a little pain, but she didn’t dare to say a word. This feeling made Kun Yaoyang increase his strength.
Wu Yuan was still much gentler, with a sneer at the corner of his mouth, “This piece of shit has been used by Zhe Wu Lei countless times. I have no interest in it. I want Mu He Xiaoyu!”
Kun Yaoyang was stunned, “Haha, Brother Wu has good vision, but our Kun family’s strategy is to deal with the Jiang family and Zhe family first, and finally deal with the Mu He family.”
“Haha, do you think I stayed in Wangcheng because I really had nothing to do? Since we are allies, I won’t hide it from you. I wanted to use the Jiang family’s shell to open up the situation.”
Wu Yuan said.
Kun Yaoyang’s eyes were fluctuating. He just wanted to borrow Wu Yuan’s power in the Alchemy Alliance, but he didn’t expect that the person in front of him seemed to be a competitor.
“It turns out that Brother Wu also came here with bad intentions.”
“Haha, Wangcheng’s status is different, and the cards must be reshuffled. No one can dominate. This is the rule. We are willing to share Wangcheng equally with the Kun family. Of course, it also represents the intention of the people behind me.”
As Wu Yuan made a gesture, Kun Yaoyang’s expression suddenly changed.
/“Okay, Brother Wu is very sincere. Let’s work together to get rid of the Jiang family and the Zhe family first. To be honest, I’m quite interested in Jiang Biyao.”
“You can do whatever you want, just leave Mu He Xiaoyu to me.”
Wu Yuan said calmly, how can there be any affection.
“Speaking of which, Zhan Yingluo is so watery. Her fair skin can produce water just by pinching it. It’s a pity that she can’t taste it.”
Kun Yaoyang’s hands rubbed the woman’s arms vigorously, as if he thought she was Zhan Yingluo.
Wu Yuan frowned and said, “You can’t move this person. The Haojing Zhan family is not someone to be trifled with.”
“Hehe, the mountains are high and the emperor is far away, not to mention we have a professional scapegoat here.”
/But Kun Yaoyang didn’t care very much. Wu Yuan followed the rules too much. What should he care about if he achieves great things?
“No, you are dead as a Zhan family, not that easy to deceive.”
“Haha, I was just joking, Brother Wu takes it seriously.”
Kun Yaoyang did not persist. When he did not occupy an absolute position, he kept his fang