looks ordinary, but there are many extraordinary details.

David couldn’t help but think of understated luxury, which was probably the case here.
Although David didn’t know much about antiques, the color of the wood on the dining table and the patterns on it all showed that it was an antique with a long history.
Sitting on the carved antique dining chair, looking at the tableware in front of me, each piece has its own vicissitudes of history.
/The dinner was not rich, but very light, but the taste was top-notch. David, a ‘cooking master’, knew this was the work of a top ‘cooking master’ after hearing it.
Although this ‘cooking master’ is not as good as him, chefs who can reach this level are definitely the best in the federation.
During the meal, Generalissimo Andrei did not speak. Until after the meal, when Adjutant Jekyll sent David away, Generalissimo Andrei did not say a word of thanks to David.
Mrs. Meredith was wearing a black dress and a black veil on her head, looking at Adjutant Darnley in front of her.
After learning the news of Admiral Ross’s death, Admiral Ross’s wife immediately rushed to Planet No. 1.
Mrs. Meredith’s status is extraordinary. She is not only the wife of Admiral Ross, but her father is another deputy commander, Admiral Longfellow.
“Darnley, tell me what you know!” Mrs. Meredith’s voice was very cold. The good rest prevented her from letting her voice have too much emotion even when she was angry.
“Madam, during the military parade, because I was not qualified to be on the parade platform, I could only stand next to the parade platform. When the accident happened, there were four generals standing close to the general. One of them touched the general with his hand. He died together with the general, and I have sorted out the information on the other three!” Adjutant Darnley replied carefully.
Due to the murder of Admiral Ross, Adjutant Darnley’s status suddenly dropped to a freezing point. After the incident, he could not even get close to the scene of the incident, so he could only collect more information.
Mrs. Meredith looked at the information on the three generals sent by Adjutant Darnley, and a fierce light flashed in her eyes. Although these three generals had high status, in her opinion, they wanted to Cleaning up isn’t a difficult task either.
If the cause of Admiral Ross’s death cannot be found, then the three most suspected generals will have to pay the price. As for innocent people, Mrs. Meredith doesn’t care at all. Admiral Ross is dead, so she needs to pay the price. Buried with someone.
“Tell me, besides these three generals, who else has had conflicts with Ross recently and is still there?” Mrs. Meredith closed the information of the three generals and asked.
“By the way, David, who is called the ‘Federation God of War’, has a conflict with the general!” Adjutant Darnley’s brain was spinning very fast at this time, and he quickly thought of killing five people in a row on Planet One. Only David of the third level Zerg.
“‘Federal God of War’!” Mrs. Meredith