ojiang and Suo Ming in front showed the might of the temple. Now it’s up to Senior Brother Zhou.

Zhou Qian is very humble. When he came on stage, he did not say hello to his opponents. Instead, he greeted all the four powerful men, then the various sect leaders, contestants, and the monks who were watching. That was Zhou Dao. He really shouldn’t have His name is Zhou Qian and Zhou Dao.
Five hundred and eighteen atmosphere
What Cui Zhi owns is the Thunder Heart Icon, an absolutely powerful icon, but facing Zhou Qian, he doesn’t dare to take it lightly. This guy’s Sighing Shield is really nothing at this level, but the weird Heavenly Icon The Ping Sheng statue really gives me a headache.
But there is no way to do it. After learning from the previous experience, the method to deal with Zhou Qian is also simple and direct, just don’t let him get out of the holy statue!
After a lot of rambling, the battle is finally about to begin.
Cui Zhi’s Yuan Power exploded directly, and he killed with a mighty sword energy. He had always controlled the distance, and it was absolutely possible. He did not give Zhou Qian a chance to use the holy statue at all.
But he overlooked one thing. Whether Zhou Qian is wooden or not, he can move.
As soon as the fight started, Zhou Qian immediately flew back. He obviously put all his energy into it. It was quite clear that his verbosity just now was just to make the opponent impatient. As long as he is anxious, there will definitely be mistakes in judgment. Very soon Obviously Zhou Qian succeeded. His opponent’s sword energy almost hit him. When he struck again, the Soul Scale icon opened.
Ding dong
/When the huge golden scale appeared, Cui Zhi refused to capture it without restraint. He immediately used his Thunder Heart Icon, which was also an icon and might be able to interfere with the opponent.
The soul scale obviously couldn’t prevent the opponent’s icon from appearing. The huge scale was spinning slowly, but the problem was that the power of Cui Zhi’s thundering heart icon was controlled.
Icon conflict!
This is like a spiritual confrontation. It is obvious that the Soul Libra Icon actually suppresses the opponent’s Thunder Core Icon in terms of level, which means that the soul judgment must be prioritized.
Cui Zhi was worried about vomiting blood and couldn’t use all his skills. At this time, Zhou Qian stopped laughing. This was the decisive moment!
The judgment method of the Soul Libra Icon is not something he can control, but he will have a feeling when it is displayed.
And this time it’s the purity of the soul.
Cui Zhi is a demon cultivator. And he killed many people. This soul must be blood-black. Cui Zhi is a leader in demon cultivating, and he specializes in killing at the expense of himself and others.
Of course he struggled. However, he couldn’t use all his strength. He could only watch the opponent’s scale sink, and it was determined that it was a success. The light enveloped Cui Zhi, which was the sealing ability of the Soul Libra icon.
/It’s also the last chan