y. I just say that good people have good luck.” A man waved his fan to separate the crowd, and the people on both sides got out of the way.

Identity is very important in this circle.
There is only one person who can say such nonsense on such an occasion.
There is no phantom demon sect, Jiuyao Qinglong body Lin Jinghao, Lin Haoren.
Ji Wanli didn’t change his expression, “Brother Lin is late. Why, you also know Wang Meng.”
Lin Jinghao blinked, “Brother Wang and I are old friends. We have known each other since the Sifang Xiaoqian Realm.”
Wang Meng still admires Lin Jinghao’s personality. In Wang Meng’s world, there are not two types of enemies and friends.
“Brother Lin, I wanted to thank you last time at the Dragon Tomb.” Wang Meng knew that Lin Jinghao could have gone in to absorb the dragon soul. Even if Mingren blocked it, he might not be able to stop Lin Jinghao.
“Khan, Brother Wang, you’re welcome. I didn’t intend to do this in the first place. Why don’t I just make a fuss in the east and attack the west? I’ve already got what I want.”
Lin Jinghao smiled and was so honest that it was a bit hard to accept. He even disclosed that he had benefited from Dragon Tomb in such a place.
However, with his status as the young master of the Wuhuan Demon Sect, apart from the Pure Land, he is really not afraid of anyone coveting him.
Ji Wanli moved slightly, and the monks around him were whispering. They didn’t expect Lin Jinghao to know him.
Lin Jinghao looked at Linglong with a different kind of brilliance in his eyes, “Can I get to know you? I’m really a good person.”
Everyone knows that the Demon Prince is a bit “different”. Privately, some people even suspect that he has gone crazy. The largest Demon Sect has been clamoring all day long to correct his evil ways, but it doesn’t look like he is crazy.
Wang Meng was not too surprised. As a Nine-Yao Azure Dragon, it was unlikely that the Dragon Clan would not react.
Linglong glanced at Lin Jinghao lightly, which seemed to be condescending, but she could see that Linglong was not disgusted with people with dragon aura. She nodded slightly, and Lin Jinghao immediately shook his fan happily.
At this time, Prince Tiger Zou, who had been silent all this time, came to Wang Meng and said, “My master invites you to be a guest. I must thank him in person.”
/Zou Chuang’s cold gaze swept across Wang Meng’s body like a knife, but there was no great hostility.
Hua Jianyu and Ji Rushan have been observing the changes in the situation. Seeing that Wang Meng is about to be severely taught, let him know that in the new environment, there is a change called keeping a low profile. However, this twist and turn is a bit out of control, and Lin Jinghao is just fine, almost no one sees him. The Demon Prince was angry, but Zou Chuang had always been honest with anyone.
What is the relationship between Wang Meng and Taiyin Sect?
Is the Holy Church really a sect that once ranked nearly two hundred?
“Is Lao Mo okay? He has helped me more. I will definitely visit him.”
Wang Meng said