t the clan leaders thought he was inferior to Wang Meng.

Zou Chuang’s response to this was to practice harder. There was no resentment in this. Zou Chuang had always been looked down upon by others before his debut. Wang Meng was a great benefactor to the Taiyin Sect. He wanted to fight Wang Meng openly and openly against an opponent. Respect means using all your strength to defeat.
But Zou Chuang must be serious and become stronger, because he saw Wang Meng’s enlightenment process in the land of reversal, which also helped him a lot. It even affected his own icon.
It has to be said that Zou Chuang’s understanding is quite strong, after his enlightenment. It took a few months to digest it. No matter how much progress there is, you can’t see any special joy from Zou Chuang, but this time. Zou Chuang was indeed very happy. And wanted to discuss with Wang Meng.
It was just this simple request that was blocked by Mo Chen.
At first, Zou Chuang was still a little conflicted. Elder Mo was too protective of Wang Meng. It was just a discussion, what could be the big deal.
Until I got another statement from Xie Tianhua. In fact, it was Xie Tianhua who reported to Cheng Cheng that day about the battle between Wang Meng. He was so proud that he did not realize it, and part of it involved Zou Chuang.
Mo Chen stopped Zou Chuang not for Wang Meng, but for Zou Chuang.
/The thing is very simple. Mo Chen is the one who truly knows the root of Wang Meng’s fear. But it must be admitted that Wang Meng is not mature yet. At this stage, Wang Meng must try his best to meet Zou Chuang, who is relatively comprehensive in all aspects. Once Wang Meng tries his best, he may not be able to control his power, which will cast an indelible shadow on Zou Chuang.
For the sake of the future of Taiyin Sect, Zou Chuang must also be protected.
Zou Chuang was greatly shocked when he learned about this situation. He didn’t believe that Wang Meng could be so strong, but he had to believe that no one could have a definite statement about Wang Meng’s strength. Because he was so lucky that no one helped him. Even with the help of divine objects, he has no confidence to win. In terms of understanding, Wang Meng is indeed not bad, but his foundation is weak. How can he compare with the disciples like them who have worked hard to train them from famous families?
Contradiction, precisely because of the contradiction and doubt, I want to try it even more.
But Zou Chuang believed in Mo Chen more. To be precise, it was the judgment of the sect master. If it was really necessary, Master Kunlun would definitely intervene in this matter. He was Yu Kunlun’s close disciple.
After Xie Tianhua told Zou Chuang exactly what he witnessed that day, Zou Chuang had an idea in his mind. However, Xie Tianhua finally said something that was still lingering, saying that Wang Meng did not try his best, which made Zou Chuang a little confused.
Who can fight against Dzogchen and not try their best?
Of course Xie Tianhua cannot judge, others can.
There are only two possibil