future, nor does it need to care about all living beings, but Lu Bei, the emperor of heaven, needs it. The way of heaven is still ruthless. If the emperor of heaven continues to help evil, there will be no difference between this world and the land of death.

“this day”
Gotta change!
“What does the Emperor of Heaven mean?” Master of Ten Thousand Tao bowed to ask for explanation.
/“Hurry up, Gu is impatient and is famous for being fast, and this time will be no exception.”
Lu Bei looked at the powerful ten-eyed demon and said calmly: “I don’t want this calamity to drag on for too long.”
“I’m just afraid that the Demon Lord won’t cooperate.”
“Then make a heavy nest and use the fishiest and sweetest bait. If you don’t believe it, he won’t take the bait.”
“What if the Demon Lord insists?”
Three thousand world.
The monstrous demonic energy stretches across the wilderness, filling the four ends of the world and stretching to the edges of the universe.
Countless long black tails stir up the waves of demonic energy. Looking from afar, the long tails are like great rivers. Billions of millions converge in one place. The vast black sea flows against the sky. The boundless demonic power blocks the heaven and earth, and blocks the false three thousand people here. The world is completely taken over.
The false contrasts with the true, and the two phases coincide.
The concept of demons merged into heaven and earth at an unimaginable speed. It originated from a hundred great worlds, merged into the underworld and the land of reincarnation, and then merged into the great world of Zhongtian.
The Great Seal of the Emperor of Heaven suppresses the changes in the three realms, and only the Book of Heaven, which sits high in the Great Luotian, reacts.
The surface is light and calm, but the inner undercurrent is turbulent. The concept of demons is accepted by heaven. Under the combing of laws, the three thousand worlds have a tendency to expand again.
Under the heaven at this time, there are three thousand worlds in two directions.
One is the three thousand worlds opened by the Emperor of Heaven and the Four Emperors, which are real, and the other is the three thousand worlds transformed by the Demon Lord, which are false.
Lu Bei sacrificed the demonic body of the ten-eyed demon, exercised the power of the demon lord unscrupulously, and took the initiative to inject laws into the heavenly book. It is not an exaggeration to say that he allowed heaven to take whatever it asked for.
Heaven has harvested a large number of demonic laws, and must cash them in on the spot, integrate them into the three realms, extend the three thousand worlds, and let the demonic laws collide with other laws, serving as sharpening and stepping stones for each other, promoting each other, and upgrading each other.
The Emperor of Heaven was displeased and suppressed it with the Great Seal of the Emperor of Heaven.
The way of heaven is rigid. He doesn’t care what impact the great catastrophe will have on the three realms, nor does