collecting the flame book, Wang Meng walked towards the teleportation array with his chubby little flame. Wang Meng’s plan was to complete the third stage of the Five Elements ** as soon as possible. The foundation was almost laid, and he could not always stop at this level. The most important thing about the realm is that the Holy Church is facing many challenges now, and if you meet someone like Qi Feiyu again, you may not have such good luck.

When they arrived at their destination, Wang Meng was dumbfounded. Xiao Huo Miao touched the flames above his head with a blank look on his face.
A scream shot straight into the sky.
Sure enough, the excitement lasted only three minutes, and the teleportation array was destroyed.
Vomiting blood!
The teleportation array is the only way to go back. Generally, the teleportation arrays opened by cultivation colleges are relatively safe, but
Wang Meng was careless.
Wang Meng squatted here, he didn’t want to stay in a place without girls for the rest of his life.
Wang Meng quickly opened the star ring,…the formation could not be activated, and the power of the star ring could not cover that far.
Now he just has to wait for someone from the Cultivation Academy to come over, but he doesn’t seem to have told anyone that he’s here. And it’s said that basically no one comes to a place like the Fire God’s Small Thousand Realm, only once every ten or eight years?
Wang Meng looked at the little flame and felt sad.
“Does Little Flame have any other teleportation arrays?”
Xiao Huo Miao groped for the flames, fumbled three times, and his eyes lit up, “There seems to be such a place, but it’s not near here. Check it out.”
Xiao Huomiao clapped his chubby little hand, sparks flew out, and an image appeared, which was a very huge teleportation array.
“Where is this place?”
As long as it is a teleportation array, it must have been established by a cultivator, but not all teleportation arrays can be randomly transmitted. If this teleportation array has the logo of the Star Alliance on it, then there is no problem.
/Xiao Huomiao pointed into the distance, thinking about how to express such a difficult question, and her little face twitched together, indicating that she lacked vocabulary.
Wang Meng put a small flame on his shoulder, “You lead the way.” He said and jumped into the air.
But this time, he didn’t dare to be as arrogant as last time. The strange beasts in the Fire God’s Small Thousand World were very troublesome, and they often gathered in groups. Wang Meng didn’t want to get into trouble.
Xiao Huo Miao liked the feeling of flying in the air very much and pointed in a direction excitedly.
Wang Meng himself was a road fool and couldn’t tell the difference between east, west and north. Anyway, the little flames flew wherever they pointed him.
He didn’t know how long he had been flying, but Wang Meng’s current Yuan Power was very strong, and he was also a little out of breath from exhaustion.
But not a single shadow of the teleportation array was seen.
/“Ahem, Xiao Huo