was something to be gained, 18 LSPs heard the news and came, laughing and rubbing their hands, and surrounded several fugitives with bruises and bruises on their faces.

“Everyone, line up and come one by one. Don’t be impatient. We’re in the middle of nowhere. I’m afraid they won’t be able to escape.”
“Speed ??up the front, we’re in love! I’ve already done it three times while you were grinding!”
“Hey, you’re trying too hard. This is a public resource. Be gentle. What will we use if it breaks?”
“Hahaha, you scream, you’re in the wilderness, it’s useless even if you scream.”
“Open your mouth quickly. You’ll be fine after taking the medicine. He’s still very temperamental. Brother, please help me and hold him down.”
“Everyone, be serious, I’m recording a video.”
The camera zoomed out, and several green trees in the deep valley were swaying. Laughter and crying scared away a large number of forest birds.
It is reported that after several fugitives returned to prison, they cried bitterly on the spot, saying that they were not human beings. From then on, they sat at the bottom of the prison and never thought about escaping again.
“I took a shower, changed my clothes, fixed my hair, and even took the time to pick up some girls. Half a day has passed and there is still no news from there. Could it be that the subcontracting plan failed?”
/“No way. Seeing that they signed up enthusiastically, they clearly received the mission.”
In the backyard of Yuhua Gate, Lu Bei saw off Zhao Shiran who clocked in every day and sat at the stone table, deep in thought.
Without waiting for a reminder that the task was completed, Lu Bei guessed that the plan to subcontract the task was most likely aborted. Xiaobai returned from Baoshan empty-handed, with happiness written all over his face.
But he didn’t give up yet, and he was lucky. Sand sculpture players were much happier. Maybe he met a ragged witch on the way and formed a group to watch and take pictures, which delayed the time to submit the task.
At the door of the kitchen, She Zhang stretched out her hand and shook it. Seeing that Lu Bei had no reaction at all, she clenched her fist and coughed lightly.
It’s time.
When Lu Bei heard the reserved cough, his mind was still thinking about the sand sculpture players and subcontracting tasks, his honest body started to move on its own, and he quickly walked into the kitchen.
By the time he reacted, he had already skillfully held She Zhang’s little hand and was teaching her how to cut vegetables.
You know it without asking, but you definitely haven’t learned it.
“Sister She, I won’t criticize you because you’re celebrating the New Year, but your cooking qualifications are really worrying. In my opinion, it’s better to give up. You save effort, I save worry, and everyone saves time.”
“Stop talking nonsense and teach me quickly.”
“Okay, okay, who cares about me?” Lu Bei sighed, picked up a shredded radish and stuffed it into his mouth.
[You have been poisoned. It is determined that your health remains unchanged after dedu