Shinto practice method has its own uniqueness and power. The place.

For example, when Zhu Peng uses this method to transform the appearance of the Seven Hells Evil Dragon King, a little bit of his own true energy pull can bring about a lot of changes in the energy around the world. In addition, the fundamental difference between giving orders to heaven is clearly revealed here.
/In the Immortal Way, no matter what the cultivation method is, even the various attack spells, it will naturally include factors that temper the cultivator himself. Four to five percent of the total amount of true energy is used to strengthen and temper oneself. , regardless of the physical body or the origin of the soul. Shinto, on the other hand, completely ignores its own factors. When a truly powerful Shinto master becomes a god, he will even directly abandon his body, or even not abandon it.
Since ancient times, after the powerful immortals have endured the Nine Heavens Thunder Tribulation, many of the most powerful ones have taken their tempered bodies with them and directly ascended physically. Although strong men of this level are extremely rare, they have been there since ancient times. As for Shinto immortals, this is never possible. Their bodies after becoming gods are the aggregation of thoughts and laws in the world. This is also a kind of restraint imposed by the laws of heaven and earth on their ‘hands’ Shinto monks.
/In any world, immortal monks are the rebels of heaven and earth. They absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth but pursue their own freedom. After strengthening themselves, they dominate the world, but do little or simply do nothing for this world. They are typical of only entering and not leaving. Normally, the recognition by one side of the world is very low, so you will not get any positive blessing when mobilizing the spiritual energy of the world.
Shinto cultivation is completely the opposite. As long as you find the right path, the cultivation progress of Shinto monks is ten times easier and ten times faster than that of immortal monks. If there is a powerful god above who is willing to guide you and take care of you, you can build a foundation in one day and you will be able to do it in two days. The sun rises into the sky, the three days the steps are empty, and the fourth day the elixir is formed to achieve a thousand years of life, it is just like playing, just like the words of the extraterrestrial demon god who was Zhu Peng’s ancestor in the sea of ????consciousness in the past.
Of course, the method of achieving oneself will inevitably be infected by the magical power of the caster. Let alone a thousand years, the recipient of the spell will often lose his or her personality after a hundred years. Therefore, Zhu Peng in the past would not accept this easy access. I am diligent in my work, receive your divine power, take over your priesthood, and serve you as a god. Where is “I” in the end? People have to give up, it’s just a joke.
In any case, Zhu Peng now relies on his own strength to