power also increased to 130 points of damage.

To give a vivid example, he can now kill himself with a knife.
Outside the door, the guards stared at Lu Bei, pointing at the house without saying a word to tell him to be more conscious.
Lu Bei rolled his eyes. If he had known that coming to the military camp would be like squatting in a dark room in disguise, he might as well stay in the alchemy room to gain experience, and return to his parents’ home with Zhu Yan for the last time to meet the other eldest girls and wives of the Zhu family.
By blood, these are all princesses.
“This little brother, I am a relative of General Wei, not a prisoner. It’s not too much to go out for a walk, right?”
“It’s not too much, but the general has said that he feels more at ease with you in the room.”
“I understand, it turns out I can go out.”
Lu Bei let out a long sigh and said boredly: “Then tell me, where can I go for a stroll, the school grounds or the warehouse area?”
“The warehouse is a forbidden area. You can’t go anywhere except the fire room where the armor is repaired.”
“Then let’s just go to the fire room.” Lu Bei shrugged, making up his mind to sneak out of the wall whenever he had the chance.
/“What are you doing in the fire room? You don’t know how to blacksmith?”
“You’ll see after you see it.”
“You’re really good at bragging. If you have the ability, you can forge two steel knives and show me.” The guard saw through the lie at a glance.
Lu Bei:
The reason he didn’t reply was not because he couldn’t resist. With his qualifications, he had books on forging and blacksmithing, so he could get started on the spot and use a good steel knife to block the mouth of the guard. Shut up because the message is a very important one.
[You have received the mission [Forging the Hundred Refinement Sword]]
[Task description: As in the title]
[Task reward: 500 experience]
[Whether to accept? ]
After coming back to his senses, Lu Bei vaguely saw a big exclamation point above the head of the guard. At this moment, the other person’s not handsome face looked extremely handsome.
able! catch! appoint! Service!
Excited! Shake!
Lu Bei raised his hands and pressed his guard’s shoulders. Unable to suppress the ecstasy in his heart, Lu Bei called out the other person’s name with gratitude: “Thank you, passerby!”
There was data missing from the personal panel yesterday and it has been modified.
On the way to the fire room, Lu Bei was so happy that he couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth.
People are in high spirits when happy events happen, everyone looks cheerful, and everything they look at is joyful.
/The sky is bluer, I am more handsome, and even the haha-ha philosophical atmosphere on the campus is more attractive.
Being able to take on the mission is of great significance to Lu Bei, and it directly affects his plans for his future life, whether to become stronger on his own or to become stronger by relying on the lap of a rich woman.
It is true that he can continue to refine alchemy and use expe