h the methods are a bit cruel, there is no better choice for the Alpha Kingdom.

If you don’t inflict serious damage on the enemy and just bear the losses alone, the gap between the two sides will only widen.
The fire was lit by the enemy. If others dared to target the Alpha Kingdom so unscrupulously, Caesar III would not mind fighting back in kind.
A plan is a plan after all, and the first thing to face is reality. Looking at the statistical damage report in his hand, Caesar III felt a headache.
Under the influence of the locust plague, several major grain-producing provinces in the south have either experienced a significant reduction in production or have lost their harvests.
The resulting losses are completely astronomical. You don’t need to think about it to know that this year’s taxes in these provinces will definitely not be counted on.
At this juncture, the boss cannot make trouble for the younger brother. No matter how tight the finances are, we can’t catch all the benefits.
Not only will the tax revenue disappear, but the food and grass that should support the front line in northern Xinjiang will also shrink significantly.
/The only good thing is that except for a few thick-skinned guys, most of the lords and nobles did not ask the kingdom for help.
It is enough to prove that the younger brothers can manage their families diligently and thriftily, even if they encounter a natural disaster of this level, they can still live a small life.
In this case, the letters of request for help from the noble lords of the northern frontiers of Wyton and Wright counties seemed very annoying.
Facts have once again proved that you cannot offend your immediate superiors. Under normal circumstances, the Governor-General’s Mansion would first withhold such a useless letter for help, process it artistically, and then report it to the superior.
The situation this time was special. Earl Pierce, who wanted to put some shoes on them, did not summarize, refine or artistically process it at all, and directly transferred it to the royal capital.
Falling into the eyes of Caesar III, the disgust naturally started to rise. When he was stationed in northern Xinjiang, he faced the threat of orcs. He reached out for help every now and then, but he could barely understand it.
But the situation is different now. They have all gone to the south to enjoy the blessings, and they are still so troubled. Compared with the performance of other disaster-stricken nobles, this performance is undoubtedly a big loss.
All I can say is that if you look at a group of people and you don’t like them, you will find them unpleasant no matter what they do. The best choice is not to show up, as long as you show up, it will be an eyesore.
“Let each province deal with the disaster as appropriate!”
Caesar III said with a facial expression.
As a king, you cannot make decisions based on your own likes and dislikes. However, this wave of eye drops was still in place, making Caesar III increasingly dislike the noble children of the North.
This kind o