al crime cannot be forgiven!”

However, he directly sent a message that fell into the depths of the Three Imperial Palaces. In the end, it directly tore apart the dimension of time and space and descended towards the human dimension.
And then, in the depths of the Three Emperors’ Heaven, a stream of magnificent divine light directly tore apart the dimension of time and space.
Destroy the void, directly massacre the human race outside the void, and collect the essence and blood of the human race. Very few immortals have the courage!
Even if the outsider demon wants to do such a crazy thing, he still has to weigh his own weight.
The Three Emperors Heavenly Realm is based on the heavenly dimension and is not just for free.
Zhang Jian also sensed the movements of the Three Emperors in Heaven.
But his eyes were still a little solemn.
He didn’t expect that someone would be so crazy in order to force him to be born.
It seems that he has not formed such a deadly feud with any force?
Or maybe some Taoists are born to be too arrogant and do not follow the rules, so they can have fun anyway?
However, this Dao Lord has obviously hit the wall. He happens to possess a traceable eternal immortal treasure, and he is also in the core of the Three Emperors Heavenly Realm, with King Yu next to him.
It’s all a coincidence!
Wasn’t it just a case of being caught?
Being chased by so many Tao Lords from the human race, Zhang Jian could only wish him good luck!
Chapter 558 I also went to the Peach Club
Zhang Jian did not wait long in the Three Emperors’ Heaven Realm. Soon after, King Yu returned with a sullen face.
Zhang Jian’s eyes saw that King Yu seemed a little angry.
“I already know the origin of that person. He is a Taoist Lord from the side sect. I have killed him!”
“However, his Dao Lord brand disappeared in the end, and His Majesty the Holy Emperors are tracking him down!”
Zhang Jian’s eyes were subtle, and it seemed that there were other beings behind the Taoist Lord.
However, being targeted by the Holy Emperors, the existence behind him will be dug out sooner or later.
Zhang Jian looked relaxed at this time. This matter was actually better for him.
The actions of the Three Emperors of Heaven are not a deterrent to those with evil intentions.
If you want to attack him, you have to think carefully to be able to withstand the backlash of the Three Emperors and Five Elders Association.
Soon after, Zhang Jian left the Three Emperors Heaven and returned to the Central Heaven.
After returning, the sky above Lingyuan Emperor’s residence became lively.
Qi Yuhua and Bai Liying had already received the news and led many Zhang family disciples to greet him.
/The emperor’s residence was extremely lively.
Even though many immortals and gods got the news, they came to watch the excitement. After all, there were not many situations like the Lingyuan Emperor’s residence in the Central Heaven Realm.
Only a few people with great supernatural powers can be conquered by secular disciples in a short period of ti