t, my son, who has inherited your brilliant mind, thinks so too.”

Hu San said with a smile from the corners of his eyes: “Lu Bei is afraid of Xuanyin Division’s reputation, so he has vaguely declined his offers several times. Fortunately, it’s not a big problem. He asks for too much, and sooner or later he will accept his fate.”
“Think carefully, not everyone can enter the Xuanyin Division. This guy is no different from the monks outside. He is either from the Xinxiang sect or the Xinxiang family. If you vouch for his entry into the Xuanyin Division, you will be jointly and severally responsible for any trouble he causes in the future. You won’t get any good results if you come down,” Hu Er warned.
“Loyalty is not absolute, but it is absolutely disloyal. If you really go by this statement, the only ones your Majesty can trust are the few eunuchs who serve beside you. Not to mention that the people in the Xuanyin Division are the Grand Tutors, and aren’t they also from Yunzhong Pavilion? Disciple, don’t have any second thoughts!”
Hu San grinned: “As for him causing trouble, I’m not worried about that. People who are more afraid of death than me can cause any big trouble. As long as it’s not a rebellion and the beheading business is with you, mother, I have nothing to fear. ?”
“I hope so.”
Hu Er did not comment, acquiescing to Hu San’s statement, and then frowned: “Speaking of that bitch, she is a disciple of Yunzhong Pavilion. There are very few people who know about it. How did Lu Bei know that you Have you checked it out?”
“Well, he said he had a friend.”
Hu San smiled coquettishly: “According to my investigation, it has been determined that his friend is himself. No matter what specific circumstances are still under investigation, the results should be available soon.”
“What do I need you for?”
“My dear son, it’s easy to fight.”
“That’s true.”
Hu Er nodded slightly. Indeed, even after beating him, his son still felt something when he was beaten.
She seemed to have thought of something, and she was silent for a long time. Hu San stood aside obediently, not daring to disturb her.
After pondering for a moment, Hu Er said slowly: “Lu Bei can join the Xuanyin Division. The position is the same as yours. He will be temporarily given a green coat and then be assigned a difficult case to test his abilities.”
“Qingwei, are you a little high?”
Hu San frowned. There were five ranks in the Xuanyin Division. From top to bottom, they were Xuan, Purple, Green, Gold, and Silver. The darker the color, the higher the rank.
And because of the special nature of the intelligence agency, except for the two Xuanwei who are responsible for the internal and external affairs of Wu Zhou, from the third-grade military attache to the sword-faced saint, the identities of most of them have been kept secret for a long time, and they do not have the official position of military attache.
/The Qingyi mentioned by Hu Er has green silk braided on the cuffs, which corresponds to the Qingwei. Although the official position is blurre