en didn’t know it, but saw that Lu Dong was merciful everywhere, and his definition was reduced from an extraterrestrial demon who caused trouble to the people to a calamity of his own demons. If he successfully survives this calamity, he can become a Buddha.

Ever since, when Gu Zongchen gained the upper hand, he also started to show mercy.
Without using fists or mouth, he tried to influence the devil with compassion.
The love and killing began. Lu Dong had several chances to win, but gave up. Gu Zongchen had the chance to completely suppress the demon, but he gave up.
/Then the real owner came to the door.
There are no extraterrestrial demons, and there are no demon tribulations. Lu Dong is a demonic thought cut out by Lu Bei.
Gu Zongchen couldn’t accept it. It was clearly his demonic calamity, so how could it become someone else’s demonic thought?
Still a passerby.
“Monk, what are you hesitating about? Fight back quickly!”
Seeing that Gu Zongchen didn’t say a word and silently suffered Lu Bei’s various postures, Lu Dong became furious and forcibly took the
Didn’t win.
As a demonic thought created by Lu Bei, he rarely had the initiative in front of Lu Bei. Every time Lu Bei did something related to the devil, that is, he did nothing to human beings, Lu Dong would be miserable.
The benefits go to Lu Bei, and the costs go to Lu Nan, Lu Dong, and
Considering that Lu Dong most likely didn’t know that he had a bad brother, and even if he knew about it, he wouldn’t bother to associate with him, I won’t mention him here.
In the past, Lu Bei was still a serious physical practitioner. He only had three demonic thoughts and the will to kill demons, but he didn’t know how to make good use of them. Although Lu Dong’s life was hard, he could barely survive.
Later, it failed. Lu Bei first learned the “Step by Step Method of Generating Lotus” and then “The Eclipse Demon Buddha Speaks of the Infinite Heart Sutra”. They were all serious Buddhist techniques. If I don’t go to hell, who will go to hell? Lu Dong’s good days are over.
Life is worse than death.
Now Lu Bei controls the Great Demon God and can dance as hard as he wants, while Lu Dong continues to weaken due to his family status. On the surface, it was Lu Bei who was beating Gu Zongchen, but in fact, it was Lu Bei who was beating Gu Zongchen with his hand.
He couldn’t even muster the strength to seize his body.
boom! ! !
The Great Demon God struck out with a palm, causing the golden wheel of black light to cause ripples in the water. The shadows of the thirty-six magic weapons condensed into entities, dispersing the golden blood in the sky, and completely destroyed the golden Buddha.
The palm falls but has not yet been put away.
The experience card for the Great Demon God expired. In the past, it was difficult to hold on to the remaining demonic thoughts, but today, Lu Dong was almost drained.
The next second, a dark figure about three feet tall and wearing a magic mist robe slowly walked out.
The devil’s face is shrouded in mist, his eyes are divided