Since the completion of the Huang Ji Hegemon Body cultivation, he has forgotten what it feels like to be beaten. Being punched until his face is covered with blood is such a nonsense that he will wake up laughing in his dreams.
At least in Wuzhou’s one-third-acre land, as long as he didn’t wander around in places such as Bulao Mountain, Liusu Mountain, and Demon Sealing Valley, no one could beat him to tears.
boom! ! !
A handful of dust pillars were raised high, and Zhu Wei sank into the ground in an upside-down posture. After a moment, he opened the crack with his hands, recovered from his injuries, and returned to the sky.
This time, the glittering little giant’s face was solemn, no longer as contemptuous as before.
Lu Bei:
After being hit by the Immortal Sword Intent, he only suffered a little nosebleed. The great elder of Huangji Sect is worthy of being a powerful person in the Fusion Stage, and he really has something.
It would be great if the Immortal Sword Intent can beat Emperor Ji Zong just like I beat my son, and I can beat him however I want.
/It has been smooth sailing recently, first beating Zhan Lexian, and then pushing into the iron mountain prison. There is no enemy between him vertically and horizontally. He felt that he might be a little drifting, so he quickly suppressed his inflated thoughts, and his face became serious as well.
The small world unfolds, and both sides complete the expansion of the other side at the same time. Zhu Wei’s small world has a higher level, a further ambition, and firmly holds the home court advantage.
Lu Bei’s small world has completed the siege, surrounding it from all directions, and for the time being it is also in its own home court.
“Huangjishe Divine Seal!”
Seeing Lu Bei as a formidable enemy of comparable caliber, Zhu Wei took the initiative, connected his hands in the air, and made a strange fighting technique. He aimed at the area where Lu Bei was from a distance, and the powerful force field crushed him past, tearing the brocade and silk into pieces. The sound sent black ripples in the air.
To deal with powerful enemies that are fast and unpredictable, you don’t need to worry about where the opponent is. Just stay in a roughly position and zoom in to attack them.
In particular, be careful not to let the speedsters take the initiative.
The principles are a little rough, but they are all based on experience gained from many years of actual combat. It is undoubtedly a better move than falling behind and getting beaten.
Under the Shen Shen Seal, the space seemed to be frozen, but in fact, subtle vibrations continued one after another, and the subtle wind that could not be caught repeatedly rubbed, making the innate sword body creak, and almost peeling off a layer of human skin in Lu Bei.
Of course, the handmade robe worth two taels of silver disappeared with a hiss.
Fortunately, it’s not a big problem. With his half-human and half-demon appearance, he can cover his huge size by growing some feathers.
/After successfully immobilizing Lu Bei, a