Thinking of the advertising tool, he shook his head and said, “Forget it if you can’t find it. Remember in the future, don’t report trivial matters to this sect leader. You can handle it yourself.”

If you don’t practice well at night, you keep sneaking into the sect leader’s house. Do you want to splash the sect leader’s blood?
Lu Bei silently rolled his eyes at Lian Lin. If he wanted to learn sword skills, just tell him. He promised to teach him, but he didn’t necessarily guarantee the master.
“Sect Master, according to what my disciple Duo said, she most likely went to Xiongchu.”
“Then there’s no need to look for him. This person has betrayed the school. That’s it, the case is closed.”
Lian Lin left in confusion. After thinking about it, he could only think that Xiao Fengxian had offended Lu Bei in some way, otherwise he shouldn’t have been so casual.
The sect master doesn’t care, and the disciple is a piece of grass. If he goes missing, it doesn’t matter whether he is found or not, but as an elder, she cannot be indifferent. Lu Bei has only one disciple, even if it is a registered disciple, he is still a treasure of the Tianjian Sect.
If you really can’t find it, ask Xuanyin Division to contact Xiongchu and ask the undercover agent there to find out the information.
After Lian Lin left, Lu Bei took out eighteen skill books from his arms, took a deep breath, temporarily hugged Lady Luck’s long legs, dropped the skill points and started learning.
Eighteen basic skill books, used to open sub-professions, and feedback skill points after upgrading, have always been the biggest obstacle to limiting his qualifications.
Skill books can be used to open sub-careers. After investing in experience to upgrade, skill points will be fed back corresponding to the total level.
All this time, Lu Bei has not studied skill books much, not because he doesn’t want to, but because he doesn’t want to.
/If the level is low in the early stage, it is not cost-effective to upgrade the sub-career. The higher the total level, the more you can earn by upgrading the sub-career. If his skill point inventory wasn’t at stake, he wouldn’t even consider ascending to immortality, let alone transcending the tribulation period.
Just press it, you can’t go wrong.
Eighteen skill books consume a total of one thousand skill points.
The long legs of the goddess of luck were not in vain, and six different sub-careers were opened, which were related to stick skills, boxing, cooking, tailoring, carving, and animal husbandry.
For the last three, Lu Bei’s talent is average, and he will not be able to advance further if he upgrades to LV9.
The first three.
The first is cooking skills. Upgrading from the cook helper level to the chef level is limited by talent and will no longer increase.
The stick method and boxing method are more powerful, and I have been promoted three times in a row, such as the sub-profession related to boxing, from boxer to boxing master, and finally to boxing grand master.
/His talent is so high that it is a whole level h