l spiritual realms like Qinwangling. They have to withstand the combined attack of the alien insect beast coalition’s air force and the endless army. Unlike the Blood City in the B-level spiritual realm, as long as they are high up As long as the city is guarded, you can sit back and relax.

What’s more, Kunlun is on the Earth Star, which is a veritable holy land through the ages. According to Zhu Peng’s understanding, the greater the reputation, the stronger the attack force. The impact Kunlun receives is even much greater than that of a normal Class A spiritual realm. , proportional to its reputation far beyond the Grade A spiritual realm.
Those overwhelming flying behemoths almost formed a dark sky in the painting, covering the entire Kunlun Mountains in absolute darkness.
If it weren’t for the ups and downs of the spiritual formations throughout Kunlun, flickering and shining with endless brilliance while defending, photography techniques such as water mirror projection that rely on light would not even be able to play a real role.
It’s just that the holy mountain “Kunlun” in the imagination of the cultivators has been completely dyed red and covered with dripping blood at this moment.
There was no white, no green, or even any other colors. The entire hexahedral projection only showed the two monotonous main colors of jet black and bright red. Except for the occasional flashes of spiritual light from spells and large arrays, the real “Blood Kunlun” at this time was , almost no fairy spirit and vitality can be seen.
Kunlun at this time, not to mention that it does not fit the image of the Immortal Saint’s Palace, even if it is directly said that this is the Netherworld, countless people believe it.
Chapter 607: Flying freely because of the constraints of the sky
Until this moment, the low voice of the leader of the Celestial Eye Group B was once again heard in the projection. He might have simply hidden among the mortals in Kunlun, so that the various images he captured were all strange. of clarity.
“From the first day of the apocalypse, there was this overwhelming momentum of destroying everything. There was no respite, no arrangements, and no organized attack on those bugs. The desolate beasts and the alien races evolved from the Earth Star seemed to have a strong desire for Kunlun. With astonishing malice, their offensive has never stopped from the beginning. The number of insects and beasts that died here has exceeded ‘100 million’ a long time ago. Until now, even the Lord of Yuxu Palace, Kunlun, has been killed. Changjiao has taken action seven times. If it weren’t for the holy sword ‘Yuanshi Zhang’, which has the unstoppable power of immortals and gods, Kunlun, the eternal holy land, would have been destroyed long ago.”
/At this point, the camera suddenly turned, moving from the battle outside to the inside of the city.
The Kunlun Sect has been inherited for thousands of years. In addition to the Yuxu Palace on the top of the mountain, the entire Kunlun Mountain has been managed for many genera