os summoned from above his head. The power flowing inside the Dao Guo Qingyun slowly merged with A special trajectory is approaching in the depths of the origin ocean of chaos.

The power around him became more and more magnificent, and the ups and downs seemed to be vibrating with the immeasurable laws of heaven and earth.
The power is vast, overwhelming the endless void world.
When the Taoist reaches his level, his power is really incredible.
In that vast ocean of the great laws of heaven and earth, there seems to be a dollar of innate Dao Qi and acquired Dao Qi surging.
There is also a part of the acquired ancestral Qi, and the power of the innate ancestral Qi surges.
Under the divine power, the Dao Qi network, the earth attribute, and the earth attribute ancestral Qi wheel vibrate.
On this day, in the sky above the Eternal Ice Castle, auspicious clouds appeared in the sky, but I saw a body of light from the auspicious clouds and fairy light stepping into the air, but I saw two bodies appearing from it.
“Ancestor, Mr. Taibai Xing?”
Zhang Jian came out of the seclusion and looked at the two figures in front of the eternal ice castle. He was slightly surprised and immediately accepted the two immortals into the eternal ice castle.
But he saw two ancient immortals standing side by side. The Taibai Star Lord was smiling at this time. He glanced around and smiled.
“Eternal Heavenly Lord, I know that others don’t admire you, but I really admire you. If other immortal monarchs heard that they were going to enter the eternal immortal prison as a defensive heaven, they would probably shake their heads.”
“And you not only rushed to enter this place to practice, but you also succeeded in the experience and made great achievements in the immortal position, which really impressed all the great immortals and emperors in heaven!”
“Xingjun is too praised, Xiaoxian is just a fluke!”
Zhang Jian had a smile on his face.
He introduced the two gods into the Temple of the Eternal Heavenly King, and took out part of the longevity peaches and fire dates given by the Antarctic Eternal Emperor to attract the two gods.
/The purpose of Taibai Xingjun’s visit is obvious.
In the Temple of the Eternal Heavenly Lord, he first announced the golden edict of the Jade Emperor, the Great Heavenly Lord.
As Zhang Jian expected, his term ended and a new transfer order arrived.
But when Lord Taibai Xing announced the new transfer order, Zhang Jian was also a little shocked.
He got promoted!
But this immortal job was somewhat beyond his imagination.
This immortal position is neither in Chonghua Palace nor in the official palace.
Taibai Xingjun smiled at this time.
“To be honest, Pindao is also surprised that His Majesty Houtu is also very fond of the emperor!”
“Actually, the Tianshi Mansion intends to transfer you to the Chonghua Palace, where you will serve as the Prison God Emperor and guard the Chonghua Palace in place of the Chonghua Heavenly Monarch!”
“But His Majesty Hou Tu has appeared in heaven and wants to second you to th