invited the Empress Dowager to show up. The Empress Dowager personally acted as matchmaker for Princess Qingfeng and Su Wei General Qi Yuanwu, and recruited Su Wei General Qi Yuanwu as their consort.

“Being a prince-in-law may mean you are noble, but without real power, for this great uncle, I am afraid he will get less!”
On the day of the wedding of the eldest princess and General Su Wei Qi Yuanwu at the eldest princess’s mansion, Zhang Jian was also among the crowd.
Looking over, one can see Qi Yuanwu dressed in a bright red wedding robe, with a spring breeze on his face. He is masculine and handsome, and has experienced the baptism of the battlefield. He neither lacks the masculinity of a warrior nor the prowess of a general.
Such a presentation is indeed extraordinary.
No wonder the Lord of Qingfeng Palace could do anything for this.
From a distance, Zhang Jian saw Qi Yi chatting and laughing with several royal princes, princes, and accompanying many distinguished guests and ministers having a banquet.
In one day, Qi Mansion seemed to have returned to its former peak.
/Zhang Jian shook his head secretly.
The Daqian court was like the previous dynasty. Although becoming a prince-in-law could obtain a noble official position, as a relative, he basically gave up his official career and could neither command troops nor participate in official career.
Of course, for this uncle who has no ambitions, this may be what he yearns for the most.
At this time, most of the Qi family’s clan members had arrived in the eldest princess’s residence. Zhang Jian saw Qi Yuhua, and the Qi Yuzhu sisters were talking quietly.
Seemingly noticing Zhang Jian’s gaze, Qi Yuhua glanced at him with her clear eyes, and then sat upright without squinting.
Zhang Jian smiled a little when he saw this.
He glanced at Qi Yuhua and found that Qi Yuhua had changed a lot during this period.
On the other side, although Qi Yuxian was dressed brightly and attractively, she was just standing next to the ladies of the Qi family. Her bright expression was sickly, as if she was suffering from a serious illness.
Zhang Jian can understand.
Less than two years after the death of the Qi Zhou family, Qi Yuanwu wanted to find a new love, and it was the eldest princess Qing Feng. You can imagine the complexity in Qi Yuxian’s heart.
At this moment, Zhang Jian’s expression suddenly changed, and his eyes moved towards the depths of the eldest princess’s mansion. He heard several strange sounds in his ears. After thinking about it, he followed several maids and headed straight towards the place where the sounds were. Go in the direction.
/At this time, Qi Yuxian also noticed Zhang Jian, who was wearing blue uniforms. He originally wanted to speak, but when he saw Zhang Jian turning around and leaving, he looked a little disappointed deep in his eyes.
But the look in her eyes flickered for a moment, as if she had completely made up her mind at this moment.
Zhang Jian followed the two maids and walked towards the inner courtyard.
Zhang Jian did not hide