It’s just that such a search is bound to find nothing.
Most of the powerful demons are good at hiding, not to mention that the major forces in the Netherworld are intertwined.
Zhang Jian never thought about getting any compensation from the Netherworld.
However, with the excuse of colluding with the devil, he had a fair and just reason to deal with the Rakshasa Ghost Emperor and the Netherworld General Fa Yuanze.
Colluded with the devil to murder the Netherworld Emperor.
On the selected day, after he informed the Emperor of Fengdu, he executed the Rakshasa Ghost Emperor and Fa Yuan in front of the Eighth Army of Mingyue, crushing their bones and scattering ashes in order to frighten many ghosts and gods. military.
Anyone who disobeyed was suppressed by him with thunderous means.
Perhaps it was to kill the chicken to scare the monkeys, or because of Zhang Jian’s tyrannical supernatural powers in this assassination, the Taotie Ghost Emperor, the Bingshan Ghost Emperor, and the remaining two Netherworld generals all cooperated honestly.
Zhang Jian also successfully took control of the Mingyue Eighth Army.
Each of Ming Yue’s eight armies has one hundred thousand elite ghost soldiers.
The Eighth Army represents 800,000 elite ghost soldiers.
However, after taking charge of the entire Ming Yue Ghost Army, Zhang Jian carefully investigated the situation, and Zhang Jian was in a bad mood.
The situation of Ming Yue’s Eighth Army being indiscriminate and indiscriminate was very serious.
There are also cases of private sales of Netherworld ghost soldiers, Netherworld armaments, and even the living people of the Netherworld Ghost Kingdom.
The Eighth Army had 800,000 elite ghost soldiers, and at least 400,000 elite ghost soldiers were secretly sold by the Ghost Emperor and Ghost King in the Ming Yue Army.
Sold to other ghost kingdoms and even immortals from heretical circles.
/This discovery made Zhang Jian furious.
He vigorously organized all the armies and carefully searched and identified each army. Once found, he immediately shot down the ghosts, gods and Taoists, and directly sent them to the depths of the eighteenth level of hell.
Among them there are many middle- and upper-level immortal officials.
Be sure to follow the rules and regulations.
Such bad trends were gradually curbed.
The next step is to crack down on the buying and selling of people in the Ming Yue Ghost Kingdom.
Not only the Nether Moon Ghost Kingdom, Zhang Jian also met and discussed with the other nine Nether Emperors many times.
Carry out multiple joint methods to severely crack down on those ghosts and gods who buy and sell ghosts.
Anyone who transgresses will be severely punished and sent to the eighteen levels of hell, where they will never be reincarnated.
At the same time, Zhang Jian was also re-selecting elite ghost soldiers from the Mingyue Ghost Kingdom and other directly governed Jiuyou Nether Mansion to add to the Eighth Army of the Mingyue.
However, after experiencing the torture of many ghost emperors, his Mingyue G