several counties around Fengyang has been relieved, the cold winter has arrived. The wealthy families in the surrounding counties did not open warehouses to save the people like the several prominent families in Fengyang County. Instead, they stepped up the annexation of land and lost their land. After being instigated by thoughtful people, the refugee wave suddenly formed a wave of bandits. This time, with the combined efforts of several groups of refugees, they even captured two counties and killed officials to release food. It was about to become a trend.

As the imperial envoy and the governor of the southern counties, Cai Hengxing was promoted to the throne, but he had to go to quell the rebellion and was unable to take care of everything in Fengyang County.
Wang Shao looked at the mansion of the prefect who had finally prospered, with a wry smile flashing in his eyes.
Once Cai Hengxing left, he, the county captain, was no longer the meat on the chopping board of the three major families.
Although there is one missing Qi Yuan Si, most of the eight governors under his command are descendants of aristocratic families. He is unable to reverse this situation.
“The world is bright and clear, but I can’t help but cry!”
Wang Shao looked at the solemn and heavy table. He stretched out a hand to touch it gently and patted it. Although this position was good, it was fatal.
We can only hope that the county guards who come this time can control the overall situation of Fengyang County, otherwise they will be unable to save the day when chaos breaks out.
On the other side, Zhang Jian entered Qi Mansion.
First they met Qi Yi, then they went to see Qi Yuansi and Qi Wanshi, and of course they also bid farewell to Qi Yuansi.
“Ayu, this time my uncle would like to thank you for your life-saving grace. If the Dingnan Marquis Mansion had not come forward to help, Your Majesty may not have thought of the decades of meritorious service of my Qi family in guarding the border and let your uncle return!”
At this time, on the table, Mrs. Qi Wan picked up the tea cup in her hand and offered tea instead of wine. There was a look of sigh on her face.
The Wan family also had a lot of influence in the capital, but because they were worried about being tabooed by the current majesty, they did not dare to use more force. As an outsider, the principle of Dingnan Houfu’s advice was miraculous.
They knew that Qi Yi had already had a death wish before. If His Majesty insisted on implicating the Qi Mansion, Qi Yi was prepared to die to clear his mind and dispel the emperor’s doubts in exchange for the future of the Qi Mansion.
Zhang Jian stood up quickly when he heard this, not even daring to say anything.
There was also a smile in his eyes. The importance of Dingnanhou Mansion in the court was beyond his imagination.
This is a small test of my skills, which will come in handy in the future.
/Qi Yuansi also had a smile on his face at this time. Looking at Zhang Jian’s expression, he became more and more satisfied.
I was so happy that