already received our salary in the Dragon Palace!”

Zhang Jian nodded, the Dragon Palace’s service awareness is not bad.
Zhang Jian asked casually: “Fellow Taoist, do you know where the ancient scriptures and exercises can be exchanged in this market?”
Hearing this, the Dragon Girl said: “Your distinguished guests can just call me Green Pearl. Our Dragon Palace market trades in martial arts, and every time it is a big deal, there are many sects’ businesses coming to the gathering, and now they are all in Dongmenfang.” !”
She smiled brightly, and her beautiful eyes fell on Zhang Jian at this time, with a look of respect.
Zhang Jian’s eyes moved and Lu Zhu said.
“Dear guest, our Dragon Palace Market has five areas each time. The southeast, northwest, and southeast are for teaching exercises, magic weapons, elixirs, elixirs, and spiritual beasts. The fifth area is obtained from various relics, or a mixture of With all kinds of strange things, the fifth market is in Longyinfang, and there are also many other businesses sent by Dragon Palace!”
/Hearing this, Zhang Jian smiled.
“Your Dragon Palace is really good at doing business, no wonder you are making a lot of money!”
Luzhu said respectfully.
“Dear guest, Sheji Shinto has always adhered to an absolutely neutral position, and the credibility of our Shinto can be guaranteed!”
Zhang Jian nodded.
He found that these Shinto monks were the best at accumulating wealth. Even Fengling, a mountain god who had been sealed away for thousands of years, had extraordinary wealth.
In addition to receiving orders for spiritual items from various major sects, there are also various outputs, making everyone extremely rich.
Even if his old father-in-law is angry in vain and the Dragon Palace is ruined, he will soon be able to start anew.
This Shinto shrine is completely a golden sign, and its reputation is much better than that of many immortal sects.
But one cannot run away, and the other is a Shinto virtuous person.
Inside Dongmenfang, it is more grand than the previous area that Zhang Jian just set foot in. There are many vendors here, and there are also buildings where magic weapons are refined one after another.
Zhang Jian looked around, and there seemed to be a strong “scent of books” and the smell of runes everywhere here.
Perceiving these wisps of ancient simplicity and inspiration full of age, there was a hint of interest in Zhang Jian’s eyes.
Luzhu first pointed out to Zhang Jian some of the largest martial arts sales shops, which were opened by some of the largest and most special forces in the world of cultivation.
/For example, Jubao Pavilion, Tianya Pavilion, Penglai Pavilion, Shanhai Pavilion, etc.
These companies are all co-branded, and Zhang Jian has heard of their names. The backgrounds behind many of the companies are complicated, and they are even supported by many ancient aristocratic families and wealthy families.
For example, Jubaolou, behind this business name are the shadows of the hidden Taoism such as Kiriyama Taoism, and ev