ique” and the “Wang Ding Dang Demon Secret Record”, which is a technique of contemplating and nourishing the mind!

The latter can visualize the Dharma image of the King of Sheji, and can continuously cultivate a divine image through this.
Once the divine form is formed, it possesses all kinds of miraculous powers. It can operate some of the corresponding soul spells and suppress luck, which is very wonderful.
The secret record of Wang Dingdang Demon is in the same line as “Tongshan Pure Treasure Record”, and it even has an excellent auxiliary effect on the practice of “Tongshan Pure Treasure Record”.
/Zhang Jian saw this and exchanged his precious quota for this magical book.
Otherwise, there are actually many powerful spells in the Patriarch’s Palace.
But in Zhang Jian’s opinion, those powerful spells cannot compare with the foundation of immortality.
“Da Langjun, it’s rare that the sun is shining brightly. Why don’t we go for a walk? You’ve been staying in the small courtyard for more than half a month!”
At this time, in the small building, Zhang Lu looked at the quiet Zhang Jian across from him in boredom, and he murmured a little.
Zhang Jian practiced hard for more than half a month, so Zhang Lu, as his personal servant, naturally had to serve him everywhere.
But he didn’t take any time off either.
Zhang Yi hired a few dealers to teach him martial arts, and he spent part of the day being taught the doctrines of sages from ear to ear by several gentlemen. He couldn’t stand such boring days.
“I can’t sit still anymore!”
Zhang Jian laughed softly, but he was recalling a technique in his mind.
He had comprehended some of the mysteries of the “Jiuxiao Chengfeng Thunder Control Technique”, and the effects of the spiritual roots in his body were now reflected.
However, the spell structure of Jiuxiao Chengfeng’s Thunder Control Technique is much more complicated than the simple Wind and Thunder Technique.
Especially the calculation method, it is still extremely difficult to rely solely on simple soul simulation imprints engraved deep in the mind.
It is hard for Zhang Jian to imagine that if it were not for his powerful soul and the excellent spiritual roots of wind and thunder in his body, ordinary cultivators would not know how long it would take to enter.
At this time, Zhang Jian was reluctant to go out as he was comprehending the mystery.
Zhang Lu chuckled at this time and said seductively: “I heard that many horse teams from other places came to Fengyang during this period, and they brought a lot of good things. There are all kinds of specialties, such as konjac sauce!”
Ever since Zhang Lu tasted the konjac sauce at the Qi Mansion banquet, he has never forgotten it.
Zhang Jian laughed and scolded: “You foodie!”
Zhang Jian suddenly asked: “By the way, has Master Yuzhen from Qi Mansion shown up during this time?”
Zhang Jian was still thinking about Master Yuzhen who was said to be able to turn stones into gold. Unfortunately, after Yu Tongguang’s death, Master Yuzhen, who had often brought letters