the Zhoushan world. It is a flame transformed by the authority of the fire attribute Dao Law.

Zhang Jian just glanced at it without taking it. This kind of treasure has limited use for him.
Of course, what’s more important is that he already has the Sui Emperor Enlightenment Map.
The mystery of the fire attribute contained in Suihuang’s Enlightenment Diagram was more straightforward to him.
Secondly, there are several ‘relics’ placed on the table!
/Zhang Jian’s eyes fell on the table.
Those are three relics.
It should have been left behind by the Eastern Emperor before his death.
Two of them are personal items, and one is a jade pendant. Its whole body is surrounded by endless red cloud light, and the patterns of heaven and earth flow through it.
This is a piece of innate divine jade with a unique material and contains many fire-attribute forbidden laws.
Zhang Jian took one look and knew that this was a fourth-level immortal treasure.
But Zhang Jian sensed a wisp of Qi from Jiu Tianjun Xin Ziqing on this fairy treasure. Once the magic barrier was broken, this treasure might fly into the opponent’s hands.
Zhang Jian smiled slightly when he saw this scene. Since it was the East Emperor’s wish, he immediately fulfilled his wish.
With a wave of his hand, a divine light broke through the secret technique on the divine jade, and he immediately saw the piece of fire jade turn into a stream of light and escape through the air.
It was like a golden light that disappeared in an instant.
That was the Golden Crow Transformation into Rainbow Technique. Zhang Jian was very familiar with this immortal technique.
After all, the “Sun Scripture” is still in his hands.
Zhang Jian looked at the other two relics.
One is a Shinto magical weapon that is surrounded by the infinite power of the sun.
It is filled with blazing divine energy and has an unusually rich scent of incense.
It was an Imperial Divine Sword.
/Zhang Jian guessed that it might be the natal artifact condensed by the East Emperor with his own incense.
Similar to the ancient holy king like him, the incense is huge, and he can also refine the natal artifact.
You can condense your huge power of incense belief and leave it to future generations as a legacy, or you can use it yourself as a trump card, which is useful at critical moments.
It’s just that Zhang Jian hasn’t started refining it yet.
It was a fourth-level immortal treasure.
“It seems that the Eastern Emperor died in battle, and the other powerful immortal treasures on his body were not left behind!”
Zhang Jian thought to himself.
It is rumored that the ancient overlord Dong Emperor has two treasures in his hands, one is the Zhoutian Star Diagram, and the other is the Nine Yang Bell, which are both fifth-level immortal treasures.
Now none of them are missing. Apparently they were all taken away and probably lost on the battlefield.
The secret treasure left here is probably dispensable, so I simply kept it.
The last piece is a wooden slip carved from hibiscus wood!
Zhang Jian has already g