n fact it is just the effort of a sword swing, and then the whole place is in an uproar. No one knows who Zhu Peng is, but Chu Tianji is a peak master of Zi Zaitian. This But what is known to all the masters who participated in the Demonic Incense Banquet is that Zhu Peng has killed a core master of the organizer at the Demonic Incense Banquet. This is not only a provocation to Zi Zaitian, but also a challenge to those present. The slap in the face of the demon monk Chi Guoguo (naked) is completely different from the twenty-three kills and one single cut that Zhu Peng used to establish his power when he first descended.

After a moment of uproar, the surrounding magic masters all surrounded him, each one pressing harder and harder with murderous intent, but Zhu Peng did not show any weakness, and the blood monks surrounding him unsheathed their swords one by one.
Although it doesn’t look like he has a way to survive against the monks who are fighting against the entire Zizaitian and the Demonic Feast, but since Zhu Peng has agreed that he is the high priest of the blood, then the decision he made is to be the first of the blood. Due to the choice of pulse, even if all the blood monks who participated in the devil’s incense feast had to die here, this rule still cannot be broken.
And it’s not just the blood monks. During the Demonic Incense Banquet, suddenly several female cultivators dressed in white with cold expressions suddenly appeared. One by one, they darted left and right among the demons and killed several people in an instant with their astonishing attack power. The people disrupted the formation of the surrounding demon cultivators. Then, before the surrounding monks could react, they escaped into the blood sword formation like lightning. Seeing that they looked like friends but not enemies, the blood monks did not stop them. .
Sure enough, one of the leading women knelt down on one knee directly in front of Zhu Peng, and said in a cold voice but with great respect: “Disciple Zhibei of Lingjiu Palace at Piaomiao Peak in Tianshan, pays homage to the Great Elder.”
This scene made Zhu Peng raise his eyebrows, but he just thought about it. It is normal for people to come to Lingjiu Palace for such a grand event as the Demonic Incense Banquet. However, Jindan realm monks like Wu Xingyun will not come in person. Yes, this is also a potential tacit understanding in previous demonic incense feasts. Golden elixir realm cultivators with powerful power will not go to the incense feast themselves. This is not only a kind of pressure relief for the organizer’s defensive pressure, but also They are also responsible for the safety of the Golden Core Realm monks.
/Every Jindan monk is the core supporting a huge sect. If he crosses the digital plane to participate in a conference at will, it will definitely attract a lot of ambushes and snipers from hostile forces. With hundreds of thousands of years of practice and experience, which Jin Dan realm monks dare to say that their mortal enemies are less than ten fingers?