Nandou Xingjun and Jidu Xingjun stopped tit-for-tat.

On the earth, rays of divine light formed rapidly, constantly flying towards the mountains and rivers of Nanming Divine State. It connected many Shinto priests conferred by the Emperor of the Earth in Nanming Divine State, and even some of the earth’s spiritual orifices, forming A magnificent formation was built.
That is the great array of black and yellow fetal membranes of heaven and earth.
Zhang Jian has seen this formation several times. The first time was in the innate Taoist realm of Donghua Heavenly Realm. At that time, it gave him a very deep impression. Later, he followed the Taoist priests who followed the earth attribute, and even the person who suppressed it. The sermons of Great Immortal Yuanzi truly gave him complete control over this powerful earth magic circle.
At this time, it is really earth-shattering to cover Nanming Divine State with this.
The yellow light rises from the earth, fills the infinite void, and blocks the vision of countless immortals and gods.
That part of the ancestors fell into it, as if they were stuck in a quagmire. The more they struggled, the bigger the vortex formed around them.
The most deadly thing was that several Star Lords took advantage of the cover of the formation and swarmed up.
Above the void, Zhang Jian looked at this scene, his expression not showing any joy. These ordinary ancestors of ancient tribes naturally just gave away their heads in front of those with great supernatural powers, but there were also ancient ancestors at the Taoist level behind them.
If they appear, his Heaven and Earth Xuanhuang Fetal Membrane Formation may not be able to stop them.
However, I still want to try the methods of these complete Taoist level ancestors.
Of course, Zhang Jian also hopes that the stars in the Heaven Dou Department outside the sky can play some role and try to contain the powerful ancestors of the Taoist level in the Tianling Realm for as long as possible.
At this time, Zhang Jian noticed that the Star Gate gradually turned into pure purple, and a terrifying purple star deep in the Star Gate was slowly emerging behind the Star Gate, forcing its way towards the Star Gate.
The true form of Emperor Ziwei has emerged and is squeezing out of the star gate.
Deep in the Jiehai Tianguan, not long after the strange sign of Nanming Shenzhou appeared, it was immediately sensed by several Taoist-level ancestors that they all had heavenly favors in their bodies. Naturally, such earth-shattering changes in the heavenly spirit world could not be hidden from their eyes and ears. .
The faces of the ancestors changed.
They had experienced many attempts to establish an extraterrestrial portal in the extraterrestrial heaven, but they had all been successfully repelled.
But a portal as ominous as the one in front of me is unusual.
I am afraid that the true form of the Heavenly Emperor Ziwei has arrived.
/They have experienced the divine power of Emperor Ziwei. If they face it alone, they will die or not.
“I’ll leave