“Knight Ezed, I hope you can keep it a secret for me. You also know the current situation of the Luce family!” David said in a deep voice.
“Of course, keeping clients confidential is what I should do. Your talent requires the best cultivation environment. I will give you this set of thirty-six spirit gathering arrays. I hope you can grow up as soon as possible!” Ai Knight Zedd said without hesitation.
/As he spoke, he took out a thin book from the space bag and handed it to David.
David took the book and found that it was a guide for setting up the spirit-gathering array. It looked like it should be the accompanying instruction manual for the array.
“Knight Ezed, how many divine gold coins are needed for this set of spirit-gathering arrays? I can’t let you spend it!” After the enlightenment process just now, David understood the benefits of this set of spirit-gathering arrays, and he was a little reluctant to give it up. I don’t want to take advantage of the Knights of Ezed.
“This set of spirit-gathering arrays has been with me for many years. After purchasing it, I have only used nine array plates at most. This set of spirit-gathering arrays has been wasting its function in my hands. As for the value, there is no comparison. Come on and let me enlighten you with this honor!” Knight Ezed waved his hand.
Although the spirit-gathering circle is precious, as Knight Ezed said, it has not played its true role for so many years.
By sending this spirit-gathering array, Knight Aizeard confirmed David’s status as an enlightened knight. If David accepted the spirit-gathering array, he would not deny his status as an enlightened knight.
Thinking about the Knights of Ezed, as long as David does not die, then David’s future will at least be a Sky Knight.
Knight Ezed has heard that a knight whose bloodline accounts for 50% of the knight’s bloodline will become a Sky Knight in the future. By comparison, it can be seen that David will become a Sky Knight, which is almost certain, and even a Templar is possible. of.
Whether it is the Sky Knight or the Templar Knight, they are both existences that are beyond his reach. He hopes that one day he can tell others that he is the enlightened knight of the Sky Knight when introducing himself.
“I accept it!” David saw the persistence of Knight Ezed and did not refuse. He decided to repay Knight Ezed in the future.
“Next, let’s start signing a contract with the young war horse!” Knight Aizard continued to guide with a smile on his face. His enlightenment work was not yet completed.
“Knight Andrew, bring my young war horse!” David ordered to the door.
Knight Andrew had been waiting outside the door with his young war horse. When he heard the sound inside, he brought the young war horse in.
The young war horse has long lost its previous weakness. As soon as it saw David, it immediately trotted to David’s side and gently rubbed its body against David, showing an extremely intimate gesture.
“This war horse is not a pure-blooded war horse. Are you sure you want to sign a cont