s is a veteran immortal.

There may also be hope of proving the Tao Lord.
At this time, countless thunder clouds were annihilated in the void, and the majestic thunder light was slowly dissipating. The purple-blue, winged Xiantong True Dragon Dharma also turned into a stream of light and fell into Zhang Yi’s body, letting him The whole body is full of divine power.
The whole body can see the immeasurable innate wind and thunder manifesting the appearance of destruction.
Looking at this scene, even some of the second-generation ancestors sighed for Zhang Yi’s foundation.
In the distance, behind Zhang Zhao and his wife were each dressed in costumes, followed by several powerful gods surrounded by strong divine light.
The couple looked at each other, with some changes in their expressions.
After condensing the Taiyi Dao Fruit, both the couple can feel the difficulty of accumulating in the Taiyi realm. Being able to break through the Taiyi Immortal realm in such a short period of time is truly enviable.
However, the two of them are not slow to enter the country.
As the leader of the human dynasty in the Immortal Court and Heavenly Realm, who condensed the Dao Fruit of the Ancient Saint Kings, Zhang Zhao is not far from the realm of Taiyi Celestial Immortal.
As the Holy Queen, Si Lier’s cultivation speed is not slow.
The two of them did not regard Zhang Yi as a competitor.
They are both the princes of Xianting, but among the brothers, only Zhang Zhaojian follows the imperial path.
Zhang Xian is the body of the innate Tao, and he is not following the imperial Tao.
Twelve yuan will pass quietly.
Zhang Jian’s retreat time this time was extraordinary. It was probably the longest retreat since his practice.
Just from the hard training of the twelve Yuan Hui, he also gained a lot.
Chapter 676: The Kind Emperor of Heaven
/Inside Hanyuan Hall
Zhang Jian’s body was surrounded by purple-yellow fairy light, and a purple-yellow dragon shadow boiled behind him, just like the symbol of the avenue, which contained all kinds of wonders of heaven and earth.
In the purple-yellow dragon shadow, one can see countless mountains, rivers, and mountains in the wild world, and even many worlds, mountains, rivers, and mountains manifested.
Inside, you can see the nine-colored divine light that is blurred and seems to be able to cover all things.
During the twelve yuan meetings, Zhang Jian focused most of his attention on the pure purple personality of the Earthly Emperor, but he also successfully analyzed most of the mysteries of the Earthly Emperor’s personality.
Zhang Jian has enough confidence to push the status of the Earth Emperor Taoist Master to the status of the universal Taoist status of the origin ocean of chaos.
In addition, after comprehending the status of the Emperor of the Earth to this level, he also took advantage of the situation to deduce the natal Tao of the Mountains and Rivers Society Map to the level of the fifth-level eternal Tao.
This can be regarded as the first fifth-level eternal Taoist method in