Creation: A middle-grade innate spiritual treasure, which contains the six innate divine prohibitions. It is rumored to be part of the mythical treasure Green Lotus of Creation, which contains the wonders of the great laws of creation.

Note 1: It contains six innate divine prohibitions, as well as six great ways of immortality. Each active release requires a large amount of Taoist origin. It is recommended to only passively trigger the defensive power of the spiritual treasure when it is not necessary.
Note 2: The third-grade Creation Green Lotus is mainly for defense and contains a steady stream of Creation vitality!
Note 3: The third-grade green lotus has the power of purification, which can nourish and purify the body, as well as purify the spiritual energy and origin of Dongtian Blessing status.
Note 4: This treasure has the ability to suppress luck and eliminate evil poison.
/Note 5: Xiantian Lingbao also has some unknown mysteries, which need to be explored by the user!
Zhang Jian’s eyes flashed across, and his eyes were already excited. This was the first time he had received feedback at the level of an innate spiritual treasure.
/Moreover, it is also a middle-grade innate spiritual treasure.
At this time, Zhang Jian himself did not expect that the special treasure Taojun Qingxia asked him to find in the ruins of the Lotus King was actually a middle-grade innate spiritual treasure.
The Dao Heart was surging, and Zhang Jian calmed down slightly. After a while, he took it into his body and waited for an opportunity to refine it.
Having such a demon-refining treasure in his body made Zhang Jian even more confident in the ascension of the Donghua Realm.
Zhang Jian did not stay in Fengqiao Town for long.
There are a lot of official duties in the depths of heaven, and he has other plans for cultivation, so he cannot delay them.
In the next three thousand years, Zhang Jian spent most of his time in the Heavenly Court, integrating the Ancestral Qi Dao Fruit and preparing for the ascension of the Donghua Realm three thousand years later.
After reaching the Taiyi Dzogchen realm, the next step is to prepare for breaking through to the Tao Lord realm.
It is extremely complicated to break through to the realm of Dao Lord.
Cutting off fate, transforming the Ancestral Qi Dao Fruit, evolving the Ancestral Qi Roots, harmonizing the Dao Heart, returning the Heavenly Heart to the Dao, and destroying any level of the Great Tribulation requires a lot of preparation.
But every time you complete a step, your own Taoism will grow by leaps and bounds.
Zhang Jian has set foot in the Great Perfection of Taiyi, and now he can accumulate in advance for the great catastrophe of Tao Lord.
Zhang Jian is unable to take a multi-pronged approach, and for the time being can only focus on upgrading the dimension of Donghua Realm.
Two thousand years later, he first completed the five ancient formation diagrams given to him by Chunyang Daojun.
After completing it, Zhang Jian made another trip to the lower world and handed the obj