nd falling around him. In an instant, thousands of Taixu spiritual bodies seemed to appear from the depths of the void. One after another Taixu flew down in all directions, and he studied the various classics in the study. These classics were of great help to Zhang Jian in further successfully mediating creation and understanding its essence.

The Law of Heaven and Earth is essentially a systematic discipline, starting from the shallower to the deeper.
Only with a solid foundation can you control everything.
At this time, the fourth-level immortal technique of Sleepwalking in Taixu was put to full use by Zhang Jian.
Three hundred years later, Zhang Jian walked out of the study, his expression still showed some unfinished thoughts and regret.
Although most of the knowledge in this study is extremely precious, most of the knowledge has never touched the third level, which is the Taiyi level.
Many of the mysterious laws of the Taiyi level can no longer be carried by ordinary jade slips or ordinary containers. They need to be immortal treasures, special treasures of heaven and earth, or gods, innate talismans, seals, etc.
But Zhang Jian also felt that he had gained a lot.
“It’s just that His Majesty the Agricultural Emperor may not be able to complete the overtime mission here!”
/Zhang Jian thought to himself.
Through many classics inside and outside the study room, Zhang Jian also noticed some hidden reward tasks in the former residence of the Farmer Emperor.
Most of them are related to alchemy, such as refining a kind of elixir that has never been seen in the sky, or refining several elixirs that can cure the insect infestation in the medicine garden, or increase the survival rate of spiritual roots.
Zhang Jian’s attainments in alchemy are really not high.
There is no chance to obtain such hidden rewards.
Zhang Jian thought to himself, but before leaving a dead tree, Zhang Jian’s eyes flashed secretly, and a green divine light bloomed from his hand when he raised his hand.
The dead tree came over in silence, and gradually washed away with a trace of green light. In an instant, fine iron-like leaves appeared on the branches, and the leaf veins showed a gray-brown texture, like rocks.
Flower buds are emerging on the crown of the tree.
This is a huge iron tree.
Born adhering to the origin of acquired Geng metal.
The so-called iron tree blooming refers to this spiritual root.
At this moment, I saw it turn from death to life in an instant.
In an instant, its life and death were reversed.
This is the dual use of the Jiuyou Golden Medal of Life and Death to mediate fortune.
Mediating creation can only achieve the reorganization of matter and change the form of life, but it cannot save the dead life. That is the power of the Nine Nether Golden Medal of Life and Death.
In a moment, Zhang Jian left.
After he left, Hongyun’s figure appeared. He looked at the reborn Great Wilderness Iron Tree with some surprise in his eyes.
He is responsible for taking care of the Farm Emperor’s study, so natura