se. No matter how tenacious you are, you cannot rely on pure defense to win the battle under normal circumstances. Finally, Sun Bubai’s feet were trapped by the suddenly soft soil, and the giant war pig slashed and killed with a knife in both hands. Even though he was held up by Sun Bubai’s horizontal stick, how could a 1.78 meter cultivator, even if he had mastered physical training, compete with a 3.5 meter giant war beast? The sharp sword made of earth and stone slowly moved towards Sun Bubai’s forehead. Maybe the fat girl would not kill him, but she would never care to teach him a profound lesson.

Looking at the impending failure and humiliation, Sun Bubai’s stubborn and twisted face gradually showed extreme poverty and madness: “I obviously work harder than you, I am stronger than you, I am better at fighting, and I understand better than you. Pay. But just because I didn’t inspire the true spirit bloodline, I failed again and again. I was practicing hard when you were having fun, and I was practicing hard while you were having fun. But just because I didn’t inspire the true spirit bloodline, I failed again and again. I will lose to you again. No, I don’t want to lose. My name is Sun Bubai. If I don’t call my name Sun must be defeated, ah ah ah.” His hair exploded all over his body, his eyes were cracked, and there was a burning will like fire.
But strength is strength, and the power gap between cultivators cannot be easily erased by a moment of anger and poverty. Although Sun Bubai’s cultivation is stronger than that of the female cultivator in front of him, even though his stick skills and strength are stronger than those of the female cultivator in front of him. The female cultivator in front of him was taller, but all his efforts were trampled or even ignored in front of the power of the True Spirit Bloodline. At this moment, Zhu Peng somewhat understood why ordinary monks hated True Spirit cultivators so much. No one would like a newborn. A gap that will never be bridged.
“Among our four major families, those who have not inspired the true spirit bloodline are almost synonymous with waste. Sun Bubai, you are already outstanding. Even though you are a waste, you can lead the Sun family’s army by yourself. I think this is what the elders of the Sun family have to say. The recognition of your crazy efforts is just.” At this point, the female cultivator hidden in the mud armor changed her voice, and the cruelty and murderous intent suddenly appeared. “It’s just that this world has always been so cruel. It doesn’t mean that if you don’t want to lose, you can remain undefeated. It doesn’t mean that if you don’t want to, bad things can’t happen.”
/After finishing his words, the huge blade slashed down. The muscles and bones of Sun Bubai’s whole body were undulating and squirming. The fighting spirit and heat in his eyes almost lit up with dazzling golden light, but so what, he deserved to be defeated. You still have to win or lose, and what should happen still has to happen.
The knife passed and the stick