nly Sheji Shinto has an orthodox inheritance.

But even in Sheji Shinto, there is a price for obtaining super-level magic.
In the box, Jiuyue Shenjun had begun to sweat on his forehead.
Four and a half million high-grade spiritual crystals were already close to his limit.
Even with the wealth of a second-grade god from the Earth Yuan Inspection Envoy, it would be difficult to easily come up with such a huge fortune.
After thinking about it, Jiuyue Shenjun decided to make one last effort.
“Four.8 million high-grade spiritual crystals!”
But Zhang Jian didn’t hesitate and threw out a number again.
“Five.15 million high-grade spiritual crystals!”
His voice was calm and without any fluctuation.
/However, Jiuyue Shenjun was sitting in the box with an ugly face and a somewhat slumped figure.
He has tried his best.
On the other side, Ao Qing frowned slightly.
More than 5 million spiritual crystals, plus a 10% commission, that is nearly 6 million high-grade spiritual crystals to buy a second-level magic, which is at least a premium of more than two to three million.
His eyes flashed, using such a fortune to buy a second-level magic, even he felt physical pain.
But after thinking about it, he decided to continue bidding.
If he could obtain a second-level divine skill, it would also be of great significance to him.
“Five and a half million high-grade spiritual crystals!”
His cold voice echoed in the hall.
“The distinguished guests in the VIP Room No. 13 bid 5.5 million high-grade spiritual crystals. Is there any fellow Taoist who bids higher?!”
On the sales table, the face of the Dragon Clan elder was already excited.
The price was really beyond his imagination.
He immediately shouted: “Five million and a half for the first time! Five and a half million for the second time!”
In Box A No. 9, Zhang Jian looked calm and continued to quote.
“Five hundred is eight hundred thousand high-grade spiritual crystals!”
This is also gradually approaching his limit price.
If the other party bids more than six million, he decides to give up.
Although he does not lack spiritual crystals, he will not be taken advantage of.
Six million high-grade spiritual crystals are enough to purchase two second-level immortal arts.
Although it may not be as good as this rare second-level magic.
But the price/performance ratio is far beyond that.
At worst, when he has the opportunity, he will go elsewhere to look for the inheritance of divine magic.
In Box A No. 13, Ao Qing’s face was expressionless. This price was already his psychological limit.
/It is not certain that he will not be able to produce more than six million high-grade spiritual crystals, but this is not in line with his own interests and has exceeded his endurance limit.
Of course, he didn’t know whether this was the other party’s limit price.
I also chose to give up now.
At this time, the elder in golden clothes on the auction stage had a smile on his face.
After shouting several times in succession, he said loudly when he was sure that no one was bidding any