ssion suddenly changed, and the nine-leaf purple yarrow in the center of her eyebrows suddenly dropped a ray of purple light and blended into the depths of her eyebrows, greatly increasing her spiritual consciousness.

That yarrow is a spiritual flower used for divination, and those who can grow into nine leaves and purple flowers will be extinct from heaven and earth.
These fairy plants are a heaven and earth fairy treasure accompanying the reincarnation of Jiu Tianjun Xin Ziqing Yuanshen, and they were also carried by her during her lifetime.
At this time, the spiritual light of the immortal plant poured into her soul consciousness, and she immediately vaguely felt a magnificent, inexplicable huge soul sweep across the depths of the earth on the dead wood cliff.
The consciousness of the soul is extremely obscure, but it is extremely large and astonishing.
“Which ancient immortal is passing by?”
Jiu Tianjun Xin Ziqing’s jade face was slightly surprised.
At the same time, the nine-leaf purple grass radiance circulated, and her soul also reflected traces of the treasure’s innate wisdom.
A look of surprise flashed in her eyes, and in an instant her body turned into a stream of light and followed the innate inspiration. She was not someone who was afraid of getting into trouble.
One thousand two hundred miles away from Deadwood Cliff, there is another area shrouded in heavy fog.
This is a very dangerous place.
/There are several ferocious valleys surrounding this place all year round, and countless bone-shattering winds erupt from the depths of the valleys all year round.
There are many terrifying alien species hovering around, the best of which belong to the iron-armed golden ape family.
The True King of the Apes among the Four Immortals of the Wilderness is from the Iron-Armed Golden Ape clan, and his dojo, Guyue Cave, is nearby.
Zhang Jian’s figure was following the innate inspiration, but he came to a strange mountain peak in a moment.
This mountain is as tall as a cloud, as if it is soaring straight into the sky.
There are layers of strong dark winds and even strong winds all around.
Zhang Jian’s figure appeared in the strong wind. These strong winds surrounded the sea of ??clouds, as if they could blow away the figure of any monk. Even the immortal cultivators were unwilling to break in easily.
There are also terrifying sky thunders lingering around.
Wherever Zhang Jian looked, he could see more than one kind of tyrannical lightning.
There are even quite rare Yuanci Divine Thunder, Tiangang Divine Thunder, Ice Divine Thunder, and Xunfeng Divine Thunder.
These divine thunders are completely comparable to the power of the three-hole divine thunders.
Zhang Jian and Zhou Sen exuded a faint layer of fairy light. He did not use any defensive Yuanshen magic. He just relied on the power of his fairy body to directly cross the void and reach the top of the mountain in a moment.
At this time, he also saw the innate inspiration that escaped.
It was a golden aura.
/It was like a long swimming snake, with