sky, faintly resonating with a milky white star in the sky, and a long river appears.

That is the most sacred destiny of Confucianism and Taoism.
With such a deep foundation, even the Demon-Slaying True Lord who was so close was a little stunned.
“Is this villain hiding so deeply?”
Demon-Slaying Lord was secretly shaken in his heart.
The Mystery of the “Human King Sutra” has also been exposed to the Demon-Slaying True Monarch. The eight types of emperor’s destiny are combined into one, which is the Nine-Nine Fate.
“This is truly the foundation of great power, the supreme foundation!”
The faces of other second-generation ancestors also changed.
But they saw that the strange omen behind Zhang Jian had not ended. In an instant, an invisible purple-yellow light suddenly bloomed from the depths of Zhang Jian’s Yuanshen Guanghua. The purple-yellow energy was so blazing that it seemed to encompass all directions, mountains, rivers, and mountains in the world, suppressing the sky.
This ray of light almost wanted to rush out of the Patriarch’s Palace.
Even in the depths of the sky, Master Tianhe, whose expression remained unchanged, could not help but lower his gaze.
“The status of an emperor with the attributes of the earth?”
Chapter 380: Bright future
This power is vast and thick.
The imperial aura is magnificent, the purple-yellow light exudes the power of the law of authority, and the intensity of authority indeed surpasses ordinary Shinto authority.
There is also a miraculous ability to suppress all methods.
This ability is enough to be called the authority of an emperor.
Only the divine rules that come with the emperor’s personality have this ability.
The most domineering aspect of the emperor’s personality is that he has the attributes of ‘dominance’ and ‘suppression’ in the special laws and rules of heaven and earth, that is, he has a certain level of ‘highway priority’ or ‘highway suppression’.
Moreover, it can ignore the types and categories of the laws of heaven and earth, and intervene and suppress across categories.
In a life-and-death battle, once one is suppressed or one’s own laws are ‘dominated’, wouldn’t it mean that one is at the mercy of others?
Taoist Tianhe quickly gave a relatively professional judgment based on his own experience.
“It is indeed the status of an emperor. As for the scope of his control, it should be the earth, and the degree should be that of the first time.”
The other second-generation ancestors looked at the purple-yellow light, and they all felt that their own Immortal Dao charm was shaking and suppressed to a certain extent, and their expressions were already guessing.
Hearing this, his face was shocked.
“So our Kiriyama Taoism has really given birth to a second Shinto emperor?”
Master Zhufa laughed at this time, looking at the many brothers around him, his eyes filled with joy.
On the spot, Zhang Jian felt slightly relieved when he heard Taoist Tianhe’s assertion.
/After accommodating the nine-color breath soil, he just felt that the authority of the She