were intertwined, the throat of this new snowman beast had been cut open by the strange soft sword in Taoist Lingxi’s hand.

Chapter 633: Earth Star monks fight fiercely
You must know that although most of its body-protecting true essence shield has been destroyed in the previous battle, the physical strength of the Yeti beast itself is also very amazing. The strange soft sword in the hand of Lingxi Taoist actually passed by with one swing. This kind of thing itself This illustrates the defense-breaking properties of this soft sword and the superb swordsmanship of Taoist Lingxi.
After catching up with Kuang Tao, Kuang Tao, who still had some consciousness, suddenly turned around, and the long knife in his hand rolled up layers of snow like a whistling knife light.
/He had no intention of doing anything to Taoist Lingxi, he just wanted to find a way to survive. No matter whether he lives as a human or struggles as a beast in the future, in short, it is better to die than to live. Once he dies, it will be the end of everything. .
It’s a pity that Taoist Lingxi’s water-shaped swordsmanship is so good that Zhu Peng couldn’t even imagine it. When he thrust out his sword, it was as good as water. The light of the sword flashed like clear water waves, and the layers of snow were broken, like the light of a whistling knife. It was even penetrated directly by the sharp sword light and cut wantonly.
However, even at this time, Zhu Peng did not forget to whisper in Qin Yue’s ear: “If I were to face such swordsmanship, which could break Qi, break body, and penetrate straight in, would you be able to stop it?”
/Qin Yue stared at Taoist Lingxi’s terrifying swordsmanship and sharp sword light that seemed to be able to kill everything. After a while, she shook her head.
She now even doubted who would win in a duel between herself at the Foundation Establishment level and Taoist Lingxi at the peak level of Qi Refining. Although she, as a monk at the Foundation Establishment level, clearly surpassed Taoist Lingxi in terms of overall quality, it was really a fight. , Qin Yue felt that her chances of winning were really not high.
“It’s really hard to understand. How can there be so many powerful perverts in this world, who are so powerful that they exceed the limit of the rank itself? It’s simply hard to understand. Is there any way for normal people like us to survive?”
Qin Yueru sighed with emotion, but she didn’t know that the issue she was lamenting at this time was lamented countless times by monks in the higher immortal realm.
In the strange plane of the Earth Star, cross-level challenges are no longer the exclusive domain of sword cultivators. Likewise, local sword cultivators on the Earth Star plane would not even go out and be embarrassed to talk to others if they didn’t jump a certain level and kill a few high-level monks. Swordsman said hello.
The Earth Star cultivators fight fiercely, and there are few in the heavens who can compare with them.
One day later, in an area of ??the Extreme Cold Abyss that had been inac