e of them are even worse than ordinary people.

Zhang Jian had no intention of arguing with the two precarious little demons, but in the darkness he saw someone wiping tears on the edge of the flower garden.
At that time, there was a slender and graceful figure.
He had seen it not long ago.
Chapter 35: Exorcism
That is Qi Yuxian.
Zhang Jian was also slightly stunned when he saw Qi Yuxian. This eldest cousin left in a hurry before, but he never thought that he would be secretly sobbing here.
Qi Yuxian noticed the arrival of someone at this time, and quickly raised her head. When she saw Zhang Jian, she was slightly startled, but she was very generous.
Although the pear blossoms were covered with rain, they did not lose their color. Instead, they wiped their tears and smiled.
“Brother Zhang, you have seen it all!”
Zhang Jian smiled bitterly and nodded: “I passed by this place by chance, but I never expected to meet Sister Yuxian. I wonder what difficulties Sister Yuxian encountered?”
There was a serious look on his expression.
Zhang Jian’s expression was solemn and there was no sign of ridicule, which made Qi Yuxian feel a lot better.
Her wonderful eyes fell on Zhang Jian, she shook her head slightly and said.
“Thank you, brother Zhang. I just remembered some sad things and felt something in my heart!”
Qi Yuxian didn’t want to mention it more. After chatting with Zhang Jian for a few words, he straightened his clothes and left.
Looking at Qi Yuxian’s leaving figure, Zhang Jian felt a little thoughtful.
“It seems that the aunt’s condition is not as serious as usual?”
Looking at the center of the flower garden.
Zhang Jian didn’t take action immediately. After all, the Qi family had a close relationship with the Zhang family, not to mention that they were plotted by evil forces. He should take action.
But Zhang Jian did not immediately take out the buried tin can.
Although the magic of Nightmare Town can dispel the spell by destroying the objects in Nightmare Town, it is still a hidden danger if the root of the problem is not eliminated.
Zhang Jian glanced at the place where the things from Nightmare Town were buried.
It would be best if other people discovered this, rather than him as an ‘outsider’.
/After all, “family scandals cannot be made public”!
Just as Zhang Jian was thinking, he was deep in the inner house.
One of the houses was surrounded by private soldiers of the Qi family. Qi Yi was discussing the matter with an old man in purple robe.
That was Taoist Tianxu from Tiexian Temple.
His medical skills are both outstanding, and he also has a good reputation in Fengyang County.
After Tianxu Taoist’s correction, Tianxu Taoist also saw some clues. Tianxu Taoist said bluntly:
“Old friend, don’t blame me for not reminding you that your eldest daughter-in-law has committed a lot of sins. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have caused such a disaster!”
Hearing this, Qi Yi stroked his beard and sighed softly: “It’s also my fault that my old wife is usually so soft-hearted that her family is restless, but