thick alloys everywhere.

The passage inside the defensive wall is about five meters wide and five meters high. This space is enough for transport vehicles to pass through.
As soon as he entered the defensive wall, David saw a smiling captain walking towards him.
“Major, this is the defense area of ??the 1st Battalion, and here is the battalion commander, Captain Macaulay!” Second Lieutenant Mawson introduced David softly.
“Major David, Commander Macaulay of the 1st Battalion would like to say hello to you!” Captain Macaulay walked up to David and gave a military salute.
“Hello, excuse me!” David returned the greeting with a smile.
“I’ve heard that Major David is coming. I’ve been looking forward to it. I’ll show you around now!” Captain Macaulay greeted warmly.
David and Second Lieutenant Mawson followed Captain Macaulay, and six soldiers of Second Lieutenant Harcourt also followed David. Although David’s combat power did not require their protection, it was their duty.
“This is the training area, and it is also the largest space in the entire defensive wall. The morning training has just ended, otherwise you can see the training scene of the brothers!” Captain Macaulay led David and his party to a comparison area. Big space, he said.
Said to be the largest space, it is actually only a space of ten meters wide and fifty meters long. You must know that the defensive wall is only thirty meters wide. Coupled with the protection of multiple layers of defensive armor, it can be ten meters wide. Space is already very difficult.
“Is the space here very tight?” David looked at the training area and asked slightly surprised.
“Of course space is tight. The dormitories here only have 12 people per room, which is very crowded. Part of the space is used by the energy system, scanning system and fire control system, leaving very little space for living. There are 500 people in our battalion. There are 200 soldiers, 200 gunners, and 300 other functional personnel. A thousand brothers live in such a large space!” Captain Macaulay said helplessly.
When David heard about the formation of Zhan Xing, he made some calculations in his mind.
There are a thousand soldiers in the section of the defensive wall here alone. The length of the defensive wall is only one thousand meters. Without various facilities, the living space left for these thousand soldiers is really small.
/You must know that each of the Gauss cannons above the defensive wall requires a large space to accommodate the supporting systems.
Among them, there are 7,500 soldiers alone, which is a huge number.
This is just a small defense base. According to the area of ??the battle star, this kind of defense base is just a tiny part of the huge defense system.
Then David visited the energy area, scanning area and fire control area, which were all on the first floor of the defensive wall, and then led by Captain Macaulay to the second floor.
The second floor is the rest area for soldiers. There are dormitories and canteens here. Everything you see here is very sm