wants it to be a soft sword, it can change strangely. When Zhu Peng wants it to be a hard sword, by inputting slightly changed true energy, the Heavenly Waterfall can also be hard and straight. In this sword fight, Zhu Peng had already tried his best. The Tianpu Sword, which should have been used with one hand, was held down with both hands, as if he were using a knife. The powerful instantaneous explosive power made Ye Xuancang unable to hold back. , the whole body was pressed stiffly, and he knelt down on one knee in front of Zhu Peng.

Holding the hilt of the sword in his right hand and holding the cold front with his left hand, completely ignoring the blood dripping from his left hand, Ye Xuancang tried his best, but the strength of his arms still could not stop Zhu Peng’s sword pressure. The Heavenly Waterfall Sword was pressed down bit by bit, and Ye Xuancang’s body-protecting true essence shield was placed on the top of his head and beside his ears. The sharp edge of the spirit sword forcibly cut through Ye Xuancang’s body-protecting true essence shield under the pressure of huge force. With one breath, two breaths, and three breaths, Zhu Peng’s body suddenly flashed with a very faint magnetic evil light, and there was a “hiss”, Like a rag being torn apart, the Heavenly Waterfall Spiritual Sword, covered with a layer of magnetic evil light, finally tore open Ye Xuancang’s body-protecting true essence shield, pressed his sword edge hard, and cut off the man’s shoulder, letting the warm Blood and water were thrown out in an instant.
/“You have lost. The shield of true energy that protects your body has been broken. In your current state, I can cut your head off with the sword sideways in an instant. Even if I press it with all my strength, I can also split your shoulders bit by bit. Bones. Hanshanyuan, Ye Xuancang, you were defeated, you were defeated by Zhu Peng of Blood Soul Ridge.”
A few words, but they made Ye Xuancang’s face turn pale. He wanted to open his mouth, but he didn’t know what to say. What else could he say? It took a long time, but the last words that came out of his mouth were words of despair: “Unexpectedly, I have exhausted all my plans and plans, but I still can’t defeat you who has been reduced to the weakest state. Such a me has no talent or ability. What’s the point of living for me? Kill me and use my head, blood, life and soul to add glory and beauty to King Shura’s flag.”
/After saying that, Ye Xuancang abandoned his sword, and the valuable high-grade spiritual sword was thrown to his side with a “bang” sound.
But Zhu Peng took a deep look at the man in front of him and slowly withdrew the long sword that had been placed across his neck. Choking, the sword was sheathed, and Zhu Peng turned around and left. Such an action made Ye Xuancang suddenly open his closed eyes wide, with a large amount of bright red blood seeping into them. He pulled at his robe and roared at Zhu Peng’s back with all his strength: “Why, why don’t you kill me? Don’t I, Ye Xuancang of Hanshan, even have the