will personally reward him with a spiritual magic weapon. The one who kills him, I will Report it to the family and apply for double A-level special merit for him. Now, everyone takes action.”

Zhu Peng gave an order, and all the monks behind him turned into streams of light. They formed a group of two with extremely tacit understanding, and shot around the entire Kuji Sword Gate. In a battle at this level, the city defense guards who generally have low cultivation levels The role that the army can play is extremely limited. Instead of letting them come in and consume Cui Changsheng’s true energy with their lives, it is better to let them form an iron barrel outside to prevent Cui Changsheng from breaking out.
After the monks left, Hong Yu, who looked slightly pale, took two steps forward, stretched out her small jade-like hand, and said with a smile: “It seems that there are only two of us left, let’s go together.”
“I don’t feel comfortable letting an injured person like you go with others. I really don’t know why you have to come. Although the Yinfeng Head-Strangulation Technique didn’t break your neck, after all, there is a ghost attack, so don’t you feel uncomfortable? ”
/Grabbing the girl’s little hand, Zhu Peng and Hong Yu walked slowly towards the center of the station. This is the advantage of being a leader. Zhu Peng can assign all dangerous places to his subordinates, and then go to the place with the least risk. Cui Changsheng After all, he was a veteran master at the ninth level of Qi refining. Their fight in the sea of ??soul consciousness made Zhu Peng and Hong Yu understand how powerful and terrifying he was better than anyone else. That’s why Zhu Peng offered such a large reward. Otherwise, how could the three armies be used for their lives?
“There must be a dark room within the station of Kuji Sword Gate, but it is certain that there is no tunnel leading to the outside of the city. If our teacher’s methods are not built, even a master of the ninth level of Qi refining will not be able to do it in Su Under the eyes of the master, a secret passage was created that leads directly to the outside of the city. What’s more, the entire Kuji Sword Sect has rich middle-level monks, but the high-level monks are extremely withered. Except for an old Kuji Sect, there is no one to support it. Strong.”
After all, Hongyu can be regarded as a local snake. Many things that Zhu Peng didn’t know clearly were not secrets when she talked about them in her mouth. Just as the words were spoken, the taste gradually changed.
“I heard that you inspected my shop, suppressed my property, and even regarded my Hongfu as a traitor and surrounded me on three floors?” After hearing these words, Zhu Peng knew that something serious was coming. Hongyu was captured by Yin Feng. Although Hangshou was not seriously injured, her mind and energy were damaged after all. Normally, she should be too lazy to move now and just want to rest on the bed. But in fact, she ignored her injuries and followed her. came out, at that moment, Zhu Pen