of some extremely wretched men, the Eyes of Desire and Eyes of Arrogance are simply incompetent. In comparison, they are just two eyes with the same name.

A monk in the Qi Refining Realm can only condense four Divine Channel Techniques before the ninth level of Qi Refining. If he wants to practice more, the Qi Meridian True Yuan of his own techniques will not be able to withstand it, and the Qi Refining Realm of Bright Breath Condensation Tao Techniques Magical powers are all for laying the foundation for the future. Four or five condensation methods are enough, and there is no practical significance in condensing too many.
However, this does not mean that every monk can only perform four Taoist techniques. This number of condensations is limited only to the monks themselves, and does not include various magical artifacts, treasures or true spirit blood inheritance.
/At this moment, Su Yu’s Qi Zhenyuan was completely locked by Zhu Peng’s Iron Hand Bagua Sixty-Four Palms. Not only could his own condensed spells be unable to be used, but even the magical spells attached to the sword in his hand could not be used. It can be used to activate, but Zhu Peng’s palm cannot seal the power inherited from the bloodline, nor can it block the true spirit bloodline Purple Soul Sky Eye.
“Clone, sword slash.” He shouted softly, with an indomitable determination. Su Yu originally turned sideways towards Zhu Peng’s real body, suddenly opened his eyes, turned around quickly, and then stabbed out with a sword. There is no flow of true energy, but the boundless fighting spirit and determination are revealed. The shocking light flies past and stabs out with a sword. It will kill, win and die.
A pale white phantom of nothingness emerged from Su Yu’s body, which was dripping with sweat. After swinging the sword, Su Yu’s entire body was instantly slashed out. Unable to use true energy mobilization spells, it would be easy to deal with the siege of Zhu Peng’s puppet robots with only swordsmanship and martial arts. Similarly, how would it be easy to catch the decisive sword struck with such a posture?
Chapter 057 The fight is over and the success is done
The phantom of nothingness followed Su Yu’s sword moves. This sword completely ignored the puppet soldiers around Zhu Peng and pointed directly at the real body. In fact, when he saw Su Yu’s eyes, Zhu Peng I already know that I can’t hide anymore. As long as I have the Purple Soul Sky Eye, the illusion-breaking and insight effects attached to it can clearly detect the flow of true energy. I want to find the strong true energy emanating from a group of steel puppets. Yuan’s true form of Zhu Peng is too easy for the heirs of the True Spirit bloodline.
“Clone, Sword Slash” The illusory pale figure suddenly arrived in front of Zhu Peng. Zhu Peng quickly reacted and the several puppet robots placed in front of him were of no use at all. They were swept away by the illusory white shadow. Then it suddenly turned into reality in front of Zhu Peng, transforming into Su Yu’s appearance.
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