the reborn people in online novels, who had to hide everything they did for fear of letting the second person know. After Zhu Peng sorted out everything around him, he shot directly into the sky. Signal fireworks guide the family to send people in this direction.

Although a lower-level Lingtai Master killed a higher-level Demon-Conquering Heavenly Master head-on, this kind of thing was a bit too high-profile and aroused jealousy, but at this time Zhu Peng was not afraid of arousing jealousy, and he was only eight years away from the doomsday disaster. It’s been about a year. During this period, if you don’t think about the future or the future, why not face the doomsday, just find a rope and hang yourself.
What’s more, Zhu Peng is different from those reborns who have no background and are alone. He has a profound background. His father is one of the leaders of the entire blood clan, and he is the strongest representative of the young warrior faction. With such a backer, Zhu Peng is not afraid of the envy, jealousy, and hatred of ordinary people.
The most important thing is that for him who has been practicing in the clan for many years, it is simply impossible for him to hide the high-level magic weapon he obtained this time without concealing it from his family. Unlike now, Zhu Peng has made that detailed As soon as the Yimu Qinglong armor was worn on his body, the mid-level magic sword was put away from his waist, and the scattered things were stuffed into his arms. The whole person sat on the ground and pretended to be dead to see which bastard in the clan dared to come over and touch him to get something. If anyone dared to come over, Zhu Peng would dare to vomit blood and shout murder.
/Three hours later, Zhu Peng was sent back to the Blood Soul Clan. Because among the first batch of people who arrived, there were two aunts of the Su family, Su Qing and Su Yu, so Zhu Peng’s plan was more complicated than imagined. It went smoothly. The two beauties of the Su family took Zhu Peng back to the clan without letting others interfere.
The next thing will be much easier. With the various magical methods of Taoist cultivators, it is not difficult to recreate various scenes that happened not long ago. Although the information in the transformed pictures is not very clear, and even due to the violent fluctuations of the true energy, , even the details and various spells during the fight between the two sides cannot be revealed, and the water mirror image condensed by the spells often even “black screen”.
/However, the detailed description of the matter, combined with Zhu Peng’s description and various supporting evidences, quickly revealed the overall story of the matter.
As soon as the whole incident started, passed, and ended, it immediately aroused a huge uproar among the entire Blood Soul clan. A lower-level master killed a higher-level Celestial Master who was still capable of action in a head-on battle. The impact and impact of this kind of thing far exceeded Zhu Peng’s imagination at the time.
After all, he