different. What they pursue is eternal life, but what I pursue is eternal freedom. The seemingly same difference determines the complete difference between these two types of cultivators.

At this point, if the matter is delayed any longer, it will give people the feeling that the high priest of blood dare not face Li Zhe directly. This is a kind of low situation. Zhu Peng is absolutely unwilling to bear it and will no longer cover it up. A black robe in black clothes jumped up from the hiding place, and the whole person was like a black giant eagle, soaring above Li Zhe’s head. One arm shook, seemingly slow and condensed, but Zhu Peng’s There was a faint haze like mist between the fists and elbows of the arms. Only those with excellent eyesight could see clearly. Zhu Peng’s seemingly slow volley punch turned the entire arm into a shadow.
It seemed like there was only one punch, but in fact hundreds of punches had been thrown in an instant. Only the afterimages of countless fists were superimposed together to give people the illusion of “really fast but slow”. Iron Hand Bagua’s magic and martial arts technique: “Bagua blasts the sky and shatters the sky.”
Zhu Peng had already used this magic and martial arts killing move with inner energy and outer body in the battle between monks in the past. However, at that time, Zhu Peng was limited by his lack of skill and physical strength. He even had to borrow a Shura gourd when punching. The overflowing elemental magnet sand strengthened the power of the fist, but this time it was different. In one word, the punch was like a soaring fighter jet, killing and spinning down.
When the person was in mid-air, a cascading air wave with a vague Bagua shape had already taken shape. It roared through the sky and rushed straight towards him. A series of bright little light balls flashing with light blue brilliance were seen emerging from the blurred shadow of Zhu Peng’s fist. It shoots out from the ground, as dense as a sudden rain, as fast as a meteor, with a roar like thousands of armies moving in unison, and thousands of horses galloping, overwhelmingly attacking the opponent, the power of the fists is superimposed and multiplied, making it even more fierce and violent.
/Because of the tyrannical power of the Iron Sha Yuan’s magnetized hand-biting hand, the surrounding Iron Sha ionized or majestic momentum deliberately gathered by Zhu Peng merged into Zhu Peng’s fist strength at this moment, between the faint electric light and the gathering and flying tiny iron particles. , like a spiral hurricane, covering Li Zhe’s head and covering his face, he was killed.
/It’s just that even when faced with such a powerful and violent air punch, Li Zhe didn’t mean to take his eyes off his shoes. It’s just that the body-protecting true energy shield around him boiled with the combination of his terrifying poison skills. Zhu Peng was still just punching. There was a hazy atmosphere between the elbows, and the poisonous dragon son Li Zhe’s body within three feet was like a boiling boiler, exud