e Sun family’s fighting ape transformation and the war pig Zhu family’s earth spring fighting pig transformation, Zhu Peng also witnessed the Han Mingsha family’s true spirit transformation reaching the sky and flying shark. Several cultivators used their skills to Dao forcibly created a vast ocean of waves, and then directly transformed into a ferocious and ferocious deep-sea shark that could swim in the void and had a string of skeletons wrapped around its neck. It is not that this sky-high flying shark cannot move freely outside the water, it is just that In the water, their mobility and aggressiveness are doubled and they are very difficult to deal with. It’s a pity that Zhu Penglian has iron evil magnetism, and he can’t be said to be particularly specialized in using magnetic channels to make thunder. But using the foundation-building realm’s thunder to hit a few big sharks in the Qi Refining realm is really a fight in one second. Don’t talk about big sharks. , Even if O’Neal comes, he will still die the same.

In the Dragon Blood Ao family, Zhu Peng once again witnessed the so-called true spirit transformation of Yimu into a dragon. It has to be said that this true spirit bloodline is really very fierce. The Yimu demon dragon that was transformed into a giant tree has high attack and high defense. , high recovery, Zhu Peng’s sword cut from left to right, and before the sword edge was pulled out, the scar had fully recovered from left to right, and Zhu Peng’s Wandering Dragon Sword was almost caught in it.
/But before Zhu Peng could try out his fire magic, he had already discovered the biggest shortcoming of these wooden dragons: their movement speed was slower than a turtle crawling. Because of the constraints of the root system below, the Yimu Demonic Dragon emerged from these changes. While it has super high defense and recovery power, its moving speed is not even faster than the running speed of a normal person. If you want to speed up, it is not impossible to tear off the The more roots are torn off, the faster the acceleration will be. However, the originally high defense and recovery power have declined year-on-year. It has to be said that the blood inheritance offense and defense between the four ancient true spirit clans are really balanced.
On the night of the fifth day, Zhu Peng left the golden and jade beauties voluntarily offered by the four ancient tribes to warm the curtains. Instead, he went to the primeval forest in the center of the four ancient tribes to light a fire and have a picnic. He controlled the puppet machines under his command to kill all kinds of wild animals. In just a few minutes, there were already a pile of wild animals that had been killed by great force. Of course, this was by no means a waste. Even if Zhu Peng didn’t With the bug of the storage space bag, it would not be difficult for him to swallow these wild animals and blood food alone with his strength, not to mention Zhu Peng’s estimate that there would be a big stomach eater tonight.
/The forest squirrels in the spirit