ral veteran demobilized soldiers. He is mentally unbalanced and they will not let him go until he is given an explanation.

ral veteran demobilized soldiers. He is mentally unbalanced and they will not let him go until he is given an explanation.
The bus that picked him up did not enter the township government, and the director of the municipal party committee, a veteran cadre, the director of the political office of the military division, and the political commissar of the cadre camp did not demand his immediate release.
/The three leaders, accompanied by County Magistrate Yang, went to the small conference room on the third floor to hold a symposium with six Liangzhuang veteran cadres, party members and revolutionary representatives, including Lao Lu, Committee member Chiang (committee of the township United Front) and the old principal of Liangzhong. First, listen to them opinions, and find out what the demands of the township and rural comrades are.
/The rest house is not under the jurisdiction of the military division. However, if active military personnel commit illegal or disciplinary violations within the territory of Nangang City, as long as they are not in their barracks, regardless of which unit they belong to (excluding the armed police), the military division’s security pickets have the right to take charge.
As soon as the leaders went upstairs, several pickets who came with them immediately walked into the large conference room on the first floor, stood at attention, saluted, showed their IDs, and took Lu Danian, the administrator of the cadre rest center, to the office of the Rural People’s Armed Forces Department, and asked him on the spot to organize veteran cadres to come What are you doing? What happened to the local buses with military plates?
The township government is the “frontline” and the police station is the “command”.
Secretary-General Du and Political Commissar Zou listened to Secretary Xie’s report while waiting for news.
There is only one last question left that seems so small that the leaders will not ask, but the county must explain clearly.
Secretary Xie cleared his throat, pointed at the TV screen where Han Bo had just replaced the video tape and said, “I went to the Municipal Party Committee for a meeting the day before yesterday. I reported it to Secretary Cao, Mayor Wei and Secretary Fan of the Political and Legal Committee, and Bureau Meng probably heard about it. Regarding this, Secretary Xie cleared his throat. The crime of trafficking in women and children is becoming more and more rampant. The county has organized departments such as the Public Security Bureau, Women’s Federation, Family Planning and Youth League Committee to carry out special operations to severely crack down on the trafficking of women and children. We are a place where trafficking is committed, and this type of crime is mainly based on bribing trafficked women. . The common people have a weak awareness of the legal system and believe that buying a daughter-in-law is not illegal and the rescue work is more difficult. Especially when there are some elderly people at home who buy their daughter-in-law to keep the da