found out through the “History of Time” that the little mouse is among those elite classes. Unfortunately, I am not capable enough to understand the deeper content of “History of Time.”

“It doesn’t make sense,” Chongming knocked on the table, “The sky in the university can block all reality. And abstract. The only time when there is a loophole is when enrolling students. But this time, I, Fenghou, are responsible for guarding the ‘South Gate’, and no abnormalities were found.”
Kong Ming said: “This is a university, nothing is impossible. We Don’t they have informants here? Being able to block the investigation of you and Fenghou only shows that they have adopted more sophisticated methods.” ”
Damn it,” Chongming slapped the table again, “This is why you interfered with Te Youu Is it because of the joint entrance exam?”
“That’s right. It can only be said to be one of the reasons. Although mice are rich in protein, they are furry and the most annoying. It’s a pity that this mouse is hidden very deep. But Chongming, it’s good that you know this. It won’t be fun if you spread it everywhere.”
Chongming said: “I know. I will handle this matter.”
“Then it’s settled? Use your double pupils in exchange for her?” Hongye smiled and pointed at the unconscious Lu Xialeng on the ground, “You won’t suffer at all from this deal.”
Chongming tightened his fists, glanced at Kongming, then lowered his eyes to Kongming’s lower abdomen, and finally bit Gritting his teeth, “If you want the double pupils, just take them. But not now. There will be a ‘school joint examination’ in five days. You can pick them up in five days.”
/“Ah, the ‘Joint Entrance Examination’, I would have forgotten it if you didn’t tell me. I haven’t taken the exam since the final exam of my sophomore year. I really miss it.” Hongye sighed, ” But Chongming, don’t die. Otherwise, you won’t be able to play this game.”
“Death?” Chongming laughed, “This word doesn’t exist in my dictionary. Okay, we agreed to do it in five days. Take it. Oh, by the way, I almost forgot,” Chongming took out a photo and put it in front of Hongye’s eyes, “Yin Kuang, freshman freshman class 1237, supreme purple dragon soul enhancement. If half of his purple dragon soul is used instead, Lu Bu’s half of the Red Dragon Soul should have a greater success rate.”
“So you have thought of it too.” Hongye smiled and said, “I have the same guess. And this is one of the reasons why I put her in Class 1237 in the first place. But I’m a little worried. Lu Bu’s Red Dragon Soul was incomplete after all, and later merged with his martial soul, becoming a special existence that was neither a dragon soul nor a general soul. I’m worried something might go wrong when replacing it.”
“Don’t worry. I, who is also a member of the ‘Soul System’, know better than you.”
“Okay, in that case, do as you say.” Hongye clapped his hands and said, “Then when do you plan to accelerate their growth?”
“After this exam. . By the way, you ask Lu Xialeng to pay more attention to protecting Yin Kuang. He