portunity for sniping will be lost, and all the pressure will be borne by the knights and soldiers.

Just when David changed his sniper position, he saw two hundred small warships flying in the sky.
“David, help the fleet eliminate the flying bugs. The fleet’s target is the ‘exploding jet bugs’!” Babington’s extraordinary order came from the channel.
“No problem!” David was overjoyed and replied immediately.
/The Shadow Warrior in the sky shifted the observation scope from the ground to the air. The flying Zerg among the swarm also discovered the small battleship fleet, and immediately a group of flying Zerg flew towards the fleet.
David replaced the super-large caliber second-grade sniper bullets and started rapid fire.
With a sniper attack every 0.5 seconds, David shot down the slightly stronger second-level flying Zerg first. The small warship also had an autonomous defense system. The dense rapid-fire cannons could not kill the first- and second-level flying Zerg, but they could repel them.
The small battleship fleet launched an attack on the ‘Exploding Jet Bug’ when it was five thousand meters away from the ‘Exploding Jet Bug’. Hundreds of second-grade Gauss cannonballs were fired at the ‘Exploding Jet Bug’.
The ‘Exploding Jet Bug’ group also shifted its attack target to the fleet of small battleships, which was a greater threat. At the same time as the fleet attacked, a thick energy beam shot towards the fleet.
A single attack by the ‘Exploding Jet Worms’ swarm resulted in the loss of three small battleships. Of course, the results achieved by the small battleship fleet were also very great.
The ‘Exploding Jet Bugs’ are not a Zerg with strong defenses, nor do they move fast. At least one hundred ‘Exploding Jet Bugs’ were hit by level two Gaussian shells.
Among the hit ‘Explosion Jet Bugs’, the ones that died on the spot instinctively triggered the explosion energy in their bodies.
/The self-destructions of many Exploding Jet Bugs sounded at the same time in an instant. Because the Exploding Jet Bugs gathered together and concentrated their energy to attack, the distance between them was too close.
The explosion caused by the self-destruction produced a continuous detonation effect. Thousands of ‘Explosion Jet Bugs’ had almost no chance to escape, and they were all destroyed in the explosion.
Even the Zerg near the ‘Exploding Jet Bug’ were affected. All the Zerg within ten meters of the ‘Exploding Jet Bug’ were all affected by the explosion.
“Mission accomplished, return!” the commander of the small battleship fleet ordered loudly.
The fleet immediately retreated backwards. It was impossible to turn around at this time. Once turned around, the vulnerable rear would be exposed to the attack of the flying Zerg.
During this period, more than ten small warships were shot down by the Zerg. David’s ‘Growler Sniper Rifle’ had a too slow rate of fire and could only help the fleet shoot down some of the second-level flying Zerg.
When the small battleship fleet retreated to a range of three thousand meters