is, the more attention it will attract from leaders like you.”

is, the more attention it will attract from leaders like you.”
What kind of attention? This is to increase the workload, this is A waste of valuable law enforcement resources.
“Self-defeating,” Han Bo scolded with a smile, and then corrected: “By the way, be more serious when you address me from now on. I am not Director Han, I am Deputy Director Han!” “Okay, Deputy
Director Han, I’ll call Beizhou Call them and ask them to comfort those colleagues and find a way to delay it for a few more days.”
“You must be steady and don’t show your cards easily.” Han Bo stopped joking and said seriously and seriously: “They have great powers. There is nothing that the Public Security Bureau and the Judiciary Department cannot do. If they really realize that there are omissions and do something special, you and I can only stare.” “Don’t
worry, they are used to lawlessness and they shouldn’t realize it for the time being.”
Jiang Province is an education In this big province, parents value their children’s education and are willing to invest in education.
Every morning at 7 o’clock, the four-lane road is blocked by vehicles taking children to school. It is also the same after school in the afternoon. Only two traffic policemen and several assisting police officers are seen clearing traffic to maintain order in the biting cold wind.
/Taxis couldn’t get in, or rather they didn’t want to get in. When I go out to do errands, I have to walk for more than ten minutes to the Dongfeng Road intersection in front of me to get a car.
Ma Jie really regrets staying in this hotel with extremely inconvenient transportation, but the Chengdong Branch of the Beizhou City Public Security Bureau is right behind the school, and there is only such a relatively affordable hotel nearby. If you don’t stay here, you can’t go to the Chengdong Branch to do things. convenient.
In fact, when I first moved in here, I was very satisfied with the surrounding environment. The streets below were full of snacks, with both northern and southern flavors. There was a farmer’s market not far to the east, and there were a lot of people buying and selling vegetables. In addition, it was full of vitality. middle school students and parents who hope their sons will succeed and their daughters will succeed. They are full of life style.
The reason for regret or even irritability may be related to things not going well.
It has been half a month since I came to this strange city. There has been no progress in the tasks assigned by superiors. The bank is not cooperative and the local colleagues are just perfunctory. I knew that handling cases in a different place would not be easy, but I did not expect it to be so unsatisfactory.
Typical local protectionism, it can also be seen how deep the background of Duan here is.
/“Ma team, Xiao Qian has arrived at Xinda Company. I only saw Vice President Wang, surnamed Duan, who still didn’t show up. Did he run away?” While he was thinking wildly, Zhou Shulin, who came here to handle the case together, opened the d